Organa Brands

Organa Brands

Organa Brands is the proud producer of the brands O.penVAPE & Bakked.

A premium cannabis oil starts with the ingredients and our local Oregon Partnerships make this possible.

All raw material that is extracted by Organa Labs is sourced from high-quality, locally grown cannabis. Our partner farms include:

Pruf Cultivar, Yerba Buena, East Fork Cultivars, Ananda Farms, Sofresh Farms, Phyre Gardens, Hifi Farms


Our premium offering of ultra refined cannabis oil. The reserve cartridge is not mixed with any carriers, providing consumers with not only the “perfect puff”, but also a pure, full spectrum cannabis experience.

  • Strain specific

  • Premium refined oil

  • No carries at all


Craft Reserve:

A full spectrum distillate oil, using the whole plant (fan leaves, trim leaves, whole buds) to achieve maximum purity and potency.

  • Same strain terpenes

  • Extraction without compromising the taste

  • Artisan-crafted, small batch oil

  • Glass & Stainless steel cartridge with Ceramflo technology

  • Work on the 2.0 Battery or variable voltage battery



We took our signature design and made it even sleeker and slimmer. This premium on-the-go vaporizer is loaded with flavored distillate and leverages Ceramflo technology to give even bigger, tastier hits.



  • Our Reserve oil in applicator form which allows you the freedom to medicate orally, dress an edible, or bake.


O.riginal Battery:

The first, and best, portable cannabis vaporizer on the market.

  • 3.8v, 280 mAh, 510 thread count


2.0 Battery:

Check out the video for usage!



The Dabaratus provides a clean, one-click solution for dabbing our purest, strain specific cannabis oil. The Dabaratus delivers unsurpassed purity and convenience for consumers.


Bakked Cartridges:

Botanical terpenes are suspended in our pure CO2 Oil for a flavorful experience without compromising on quality.


Deals On Open Vape and Bakked

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