stoner road trip

Road Trip Guide For Portland Stoners

Let’s get real, road trips are pretty awesome. But, most road trips while stoned are considered to be legendary. Being out on the open road with your closest friends, the wind blowing in your hair, ashing a bowl right out the window, smoking a joint while driving and maybe even enjoying a cheeseburger. Just about everything a stoner needs; loud tunes, munchies, and being stoned. Here’s a few ways to make sure you get the most out of your stoner road trip. Bring Weed with you! Unless you have a weed connect in every state, it’s probably a good idea […]

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2016 Presidential Election

2016 Presidential Election Candidate’s Viewpoints on Marijuana

The upcoming 2016 Presidential Election right around the corner and getting closer and closer. One of the most significant issues to hit the ballot is the legalization of cannabis. In this article we will take a look at some of the prominent presidential candidates and explore each respective party. Who knows, you might be surprised what some of these candidates have to say and what their stances really are.   Republicans   Donald Trump   In previous years, Trump gave the thumbs up on legalizing drugs and applying the tax revenue to help fund drug related education programs. He believes […]

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Marijuana Testing in Oregon

Marijuana Testing in Oregon is vital in determining THC and CBD/CBN levels. Samples can also be tested for pesticide or non-organic substances that may have been introduced during different stages of development.  This allows you to find out just how organic and clean the product that you are buying at a recreational or medical marijuana dispensary really is. Marijuana Testing in Oregon Nobody wants to be guessing what exactly is in the product they consume, and as more recreational marijuana programs roll out across the country it will be mandatory to have testing results. This is why cannabis testing labs […]

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Can’t Roll a Joint?

Joint rolling has and will always been a coveted skill. Those who are able to master the art of rolling the perfect jay’s always get the most props. The only issue is that joint rolling can be tough when first starting out. If rolling a joint by hand has never been one of your top stoner skills, then here are some stoner hacks for anyone who isn’t quite yet ready to start rolling up. Rolling machines and pre-rolled cones give you two great and easy alternatives to rolling your own joints. Rolling Machines Rolling machines are designed to automate the […]

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