Congressman Blumenauer’s Response To Marijuana Majority’s Petition

The Weed Blog issued an article about DEA head Chuck Rosenberg making some very inconsiderate comments about medical marijuana lately, calling medical marijuana ‘a joke.’ It didn’t take long for this to lead to the Marijuana Majority starting a petition advocating for the Obama Administration to fire Chuck Rosenberg. Currently that petition has been signed […]

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Higher OMMP Fees Coming

An article published by Oregon Live this morning states that Oregon has proposed to increase medical marijuana fees, ultimately affecting licensed growers and cannabis processors. An impending proposal by the Oregon Health Authority is being highly considered. Medical marijuana growers would be obligated to pay a $200 annual per patient they grow for. The agency […]

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Are you smoking too much weed?

All of us know it’s a definite possibility to overdo any good thing, even if that thing getting high! Using cannabis responsibly requires setting some boundaries, having discipline, and sometimes simply just saying no. Recreational marijuana should be something that enhances one’s life, not make it less pleasurable. Not all things are not best experienced […]

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