Cannabis Infused Muddy Buddies

  Muddy Buddies have long been a holiday treat that your mom probably whipped up last minute. All the while the kids were badgering her for an evening goody and enjoying a screening of Frosty the Snowman. After handfuls of chocolatey powdered sugared goodness, the sweet little treats are stuffed away in gallon-sized Ziplocs, stored out of reach from grabby children and beer-bellied husbands. Here’s a modified version of a  Cannabis Infused Muddy Buddies recipe, a toast to adulthood and packing on the winter pounds a few weeks (months) prematurely. Here’s What You Need: 9 cups Chex cereal 
1 cup […]

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Apothecanna Product Review

Apothecanna cannabis creams are no stranger to local dispensary shelves around Portland. Apothecanna provides their users with 5 different topicals to cater to all your aches and pains. From Calming Creme to use at the end of a hectic day to lip balms and pain creme. Known to be an amazing product for healing massages and an amazing pain reliever, it takes minutes for the pain to subside. They combine specific cannabinoids with other organic botanical extracts to create incredibly functional treatments for pain and stress relief, while delivering a host of skin nurturing benefits. Their calming creme is specifically […]

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blackrock originals

Black Rock Originals Product Review

Black Rock Originals was founded in 2014 and are primarily based in Denver Colorado. Black Rock OG markets and distributes modern custom accessories for stoners on the go and for those that want to keep their stash a little more discrete. Their main goal is to raise the standards of cannabis accessories when it comes to overall functionality and principals. By incorporating design, organization, and discretion elements Black Rock Originals plans to be one of the most innovative cannabis brands in the industry. Black Rock Originals states that their Safety Case is smell proof and ready for all weather types […]

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Select Strains Product Review

Select Strains creates premium cannabis products by bringing one of the only organic cotton and American Kanthal Steel cartridge vape pens to the Portland market. Select Strains has a proprietary extraction process, making their Co2 completely butane and propane free, and provides an ultra-cold filtration system. The wick-less cartridge is silica and fiberglass free and has a smooth even burn for newer users to get used to and for the more experienced to enjoy as well. Select Strains wick-less system is also heat and pressure resistant, solvent-less, isn’t purged, and doesn’t include any ethanol or hexane. One of the best […]

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Kandy Pens Product Review

As most of us stoners have probably noticed, there’s a lot of pens on the market. Whenever a new one is released, everyone is always skeptical as to whether it will actually deliver. KandyPens continues to be a major player and one step ahead in both features and overall functionality. With their release of their new Donuts line in September, KandyPens created a temperature controlled oil and wax only pen that bubbles your dab rather than burning it. As far as flavor and aroma are concerned this pen is miles ahead of competition. What makes it different from other oil and […]

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Sploofy Product Review

If you have yet to find a solution for smoking indoors without leaving behind that weed smell your roommate keeps complaining about, the Sploofy has found a way to facilitate and simplify your stoner needs.  The Sploofy is an effective device that claims to have the ability to remove the smoke and odor from your cannabis whether in a bong or in a vaporizer. It’s a valuable product for cannabis connoisseurs and is a value itself at under $20. The Sploofy is an odor free (scentless), smokeless charcoal filter system created and designed explicitly to completely eliminate and wipe out […]

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rolling a joint

Stoner Tips: Joint Rolling

Joint rolling has and will always been a coveted skill. Those who are able to master the art of rolling the perfect jay’s always get the most props. The only issue is that joint rolling can be tough when first starting out. If rolling a joint by hand has never been one of your top stoner skills, then here are some stoner hacks for anyone who isn’t quite yet ready to start rolling up. Rolling machines and pre-rolled cones give you two great and easy alternatives to rolling your own joints. Rolling Machines Rolling machines are designed to automate the […]

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Holiday Gift Guide for Stoners

Holiday Gift Guide for Stoners

Do you have a friend or two who are almost impossible to shop for during the holiday season? Do those friends also happen to enjoy of cannabis? Welcome to the Holiday Gift Guide for Stoners. Below, you will find a handful of great gifts that are for the more sophisticated smokers, some are even perfect for stocking stuffers. All of these products and cannabis tools are a must have and will make their smoking experience more fun, enjoyable, and convenient. The Stash Tray The Stash Tray is unlike any other rolling tray out there available to stoners. Known as the […]

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stoner road trip

Road Trip Guide For Portland Stoners

Let’s get real, road trips are pretty awesome. But, most road trips while stoned are considered to be legendary. Being out on the open road with your closest friends, the wind blowing in your hair, ashing a bowl right out the window, smoking a joint while driving and maybe even enjoying a cheeseburger. Just about everything a stoner needs; loud tunes, munchies, and being stoned. Here’s a few ways to make sure you get the most out of your stoner road trip. Bring Weed with you! Unless you have a weed connect in every state, it’s probably a good idea […]

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2016 Presidential Election

2016 Presidential Election Candidate’s Viewpoints on Marijuana

The upcoming 2016 Presidential Election right around the corner and getting closer and closer. One of the most significant issues to hit the ballot is the legalization of cannabis. In this article we will take a look at some of the prominent presidential candidates and explore each respective party. Who knows, you might be surprised what some of these candidates have to say and what their stances really are.   Republicans   Donald Trump   In previous years, Trump gave the thumbs up on legalizing drugs and applying the tax revenue to help fund drug related education programs. He believes […]

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