Sabertooth Micro Fest Preview; Witch Mountain

Witch Mountain Performing Saturday February 6th Witch Mountain was founded by guitarist/songwriter Rob Wrong and drummer/manager Nathan Carson in Portland, OR in 1997. In those days, if you didn’t wear a cardigan and play sloppy indie-rock on a guitar you bought at a garage sale, you were not going anywhere. But the band was committed to its roots in the Blues, Rock, and Metal. Carson and Wrong shared a love of the Beatles, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Judas Priest, and the Beach Boys. By the time the Homegrown Doom demo was recorded in ’99, the band was already […]

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Cannabis VIP Bus Tour Preview; Laughing Lotus Farms

Laughing Lotus Farms will be getting involved and donating for this years VIP Bus Tour in conjunction with the Sabertooth Micro Fest at Crystal Ballroom.  For tickets, click here Located in Klamath Falls, Oregon, Laughing Lotus Farms (LLF) is a collective of patients and growers. Their patients discovers that ingesting medicine in different forms was most helpful for them as opposed to just smoking.  Some patients needed the mellowing effect; ie; to treat insomnia and some patients would need to stay level-headed throughout the day to go to work, but collectively all were looking for pain relief. Treating each individual […]

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Sabertooth Micro Fest Preview; Yob

Yob; performing Saturday February 6th “Yob might be one of the best bands in North America,” declared Ben Ratliff in a feature New York Times article in March of 2010 that can be best described as gushing. The Eugene, OR-based doom metal trio has seen similar praise worldwide, with a growing host of fans citing the band as one of the most profound and accomplished doom metal phenomena of the twenty-first century. It’s all too rare for a band to reach such moderate success and massive acclaim based on sheer quality of music. There’s certainly no overt commercial bow on […]

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pass the joint

Stoner Tips: Smokers Etiquette 101

Sparking up is always better when friends are around; it is a great way to catch up, create new friendships and continue to build existing ones. But, like many of you know, there is somewhat of an etiquette that presides within the social circle of stoner buddies. For those who have been smoking weed in social settings for a while, marijuana etiquette may seem like second nature. For the less experienced smoker, these unwritten rules can get a little confusing at times. So, to help any first timers get over the fear of failing when taking that first bong rip, […]

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Cannabis VIP Bus Tour Preview; Leif Medicinals

Leif Medicinals;  “Really good, all natural and organic edibles and topicals. No chemicals, no additives, no bad days.” Leif Medicinals will be one of the sponsors for this years upcoming Sabertooth Micro Fest VIP Cannabis Bus Tour.  We know, it’s a long winded name, but what can you expect from this 60 minute experience?  Well for one, you can count on receiving over $150 worth of cannabis products with Leif Medicinals being one of the brands that will be represented and donating. Leif Medicinals is a small, family-owned and run company that strives to bring extremely high quality goods to Oregon’s patients. […]

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Psychedelic Stoner Rock Fest w/ VIP Cannabis Bus Tour Experience

Hello There! I’m Josh Taylor, Cannabuzz columnist at the Portland Mercury, and CEO of Oregon’s Cannabis Concierge.  We are thrilled to be partnered with The Daily Leaf, with whom we worked in November for OCC’s event “Green Friday” OCC are the official backstage Bud-Tenders and Cannabis Concierges for the Sabertooth Micro Fest on Feb. 5th, 6th, & 7th, and we want you to become involved! Start with checking out the beers and bands to enjoy at  This is the 2nd year of what the organizers call a “psychedelicstonerockmicrobrewfest” 3 nights of amazing music – included a rare acoustic set with […]

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Twin Studies Find That Weed Doesn’t Decrease Overall IQ

Today it’s feasible to say that about half of Americans use cannabis at least one time in their lifetime, and several are known to start young. However, there have been studies that assert that the drug could impair the development of the adolescent brain, the real liability is questionable and being disputed. Now, for the first time ever, scientists conducted a study where they investigated the overall effects of long-term marijuana use in teens. The largest ever long-term twin study, comprising of more than 3,000 adolescents from around the world, has found little evidence to support the theory that adolescent […]

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women who smoke weed

Myths About Women Who Smoke

The way society views people that smoke weed has taken a complete 180 over the years. We used to connect marijuana with the glassy-eyed skater kid who’s rarely seen rising from bed until after noon or only eats processed food. However, as time has passed, the overall view and opinion has definitely evolved. One of the major things people had to get used to is the fact that women smoke just as much as men do nowadays. Organizations like Moms for Marijuana are beginning to advocate more heavily in favor of decriminalization. More and more female celebrities on social media […]

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smoking gun

Medical Marijuana Users in California Not Allowed to use Guns

If you are a medical marijuana user in California, the federal government has disestablished your constitutional right to own a firearm. Despite the fact that marijuana is legal in California, and it is your constitutional right to purchase and own a gun, the federal government doesn’t consider cannabis a relevant or pertinent medication, no matter how much back pain you may have. Federal law asserts that it’s illegal to acquire and possess a firearm if you use a controlled substance. In this case, even medical marijuana is treated as if it were a controlled substance. In order to counter numerous […]

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wine and weed

Weed & Wine: A Perfect Pairing

Anyone that is slightly older, is apart of a more sophisticated crowd, or maybe wants to keep their brain clear but still somewhat witty; there is newer information about the effects of mixing red wine and marijuana in order to prevent toxic buildup in the human brain. Both cannabis and wine have been studied in mice and both of the substances have chemicals in them that prevent and limit memory loss and diseases like Alzheimer’s. For the older cannabis user, this is great news to learn. Even for the younger crowd of stoners, having a glass of red wine a […]

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