Study: THCA May Help Treat Huntington’s Disease

The compound THCA, an acidic precursor to THC which is found in cannabis, could one day be used to treat the neurodegenerative and neuroinflammatory effects of Huntington’s and related diseases, according to scientists in a study published in the British Journal of Pharmacology. In the study, researchers found that THCA reduced inflammation and acted as a neuroprotectant when they analyzed the effects of cannabis compounds in animals. They concluded that the compound improved motor function and prevented brain degeneration. “I think we have something here and it’s pretty exciting,” said Gaetano Morello, a co-author of the study and a cannabis researcher and naturopathic […]

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Shadowbox Farms

Shadowbox Farms – The Joint Blue Dream Pre-Roll Review

There’s something special about The Joint from Oregon’s Shadowbox Farms.  Shadowbox currently sells 12 different popular strains, but today I am privileged to discuss their 1 gram, kief-charged Blue Dream pre-roll. Their love for the craft and commitment to top-quality products is apparent right away. Shadowbox, with a farm in Williams, OR, has set out to combine newer cannabis innovation with the tried-and-true craftsmanship of the old days, and The Joint is a shining example of that mission. Using sustainable and thoughtful farming techniques, Shadowbox Farms is striving to break new ground and set new standards of excellence in the industry. Blue […]

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Alaska's Marijuana Ban

Alaska’s Marijuana Ban Gets Rejected By Voters

Alaska’s Marijuana Ban – Three years after Alaska legalized recreational cannabis, some localities in the state’s major marijuana growing areas considered Alaska’s Marijuana Ban. Thankfully for the businesses (and customers) in those areas, voters voted against those band by large margins. When Alaska legalized adult use of recreational cannabis in 2014, they allowed for localities to ban cannabis within their borders, and two localities, in and around Fairbanks and on the Kenai Peninsula, tried to do just that. The proposed bans encompassed marijuana growing, manufacturing, selling, and testing in those areas, and threatened many people’s livelihood: had the bans passed, businesses that […]

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Marijuana Jobs Are Leading The Nation In Growth

Almost 150,000 legal full-time marijuana jobs, including ancillary industry jobs like consulting and hydroponics providers, according to new data from This is the second time Leafly has undertaken taking a tally of marijuana jobs after realizing that the Schedule I status of the drug meant that state and federal statisticians couldn’t get an accurate count. This also allows us to compare last year’s numbers to this year: this year, Leafly found 149,304 full-time jobs in legal cannabis. Last year, they found 122,814 full-time cannabis industry jobs, a huge increase of 22% in just 12 months. The industry is booming, and will […]

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San Francisco Recreational Marijuana

San Francisco Recreational Marijuana Permits Delayed

San Francisco Recreational Marijuana – Not the only municipality to be dragging their feet, San Francisco will be another city delaying recreational permits when recreational cannabis becomes legal in California in January 2018. Though it’ll be a buzz-kill for some, it’s actually for good reason: San Francisco is delaying so they can pass a few laws to regulate the market and create an equity program. The equity program is intended to help low-income entrepreneurs, people of color, and former drug offenders create cannabis-related businesses: a boon in a city that will likely see a lot of rich, and white, investors pushing […]

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LTRMN STICKS Pre-Rolls: Super Lemon Haze Review

LTRMN STICKS Pre-Rolls Super Lemon Haze .5g Pre-Roll This joint must have been designed in a lab to be the perfect pre-roll, I thought as it still burned perfectly halfway through. Upon further research, that seems to be exactly the case. From packaging to the long-lasting energetic high, Sticks has crafted the single most satisfying half-gram joint I’ve ever had the pleasure of smoking. The Bud: A sativa-dominant hybrid with the prestigious parentage of Super Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk, the densely-packed cannabis within the joint has an 80:20 sativa/indica ratio. The first-prize winner of the 2014 Seattle Cannabis Cup, Super Lemon Haze […]

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Atlanta Decriminalizes Marijuana

Atlanta Decriminalizes Marijuana

Atlanta Decriminalizes Marijuana – “In the weeks leading up to this, there has been all this emphasis on decriminalization and legalization, and that is not what the ordinance is,” said Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields. “The ordinance is not written requiring anything different of law enforcement. The ordinance strictly deals with the city courts and municipal court and their fine process.” In case you were getting your hopes up: this is far more about the kinds of penalties that people picked up for weed-related offenses in Atlanta, Georgia, will see. The drug is still considered illegal in the state of […]

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California Legalization

California Legalization of Marijuana Requires New Government Jobs

With California Legalization of cannabis in 2018, and is rushing to fill what will amount to hundreds of positions relational to the shift, positions that will need to be filled by 2019. These positions will include things like scientists, tax collectors, typists, analysts, and lawyers; not only will taxes be pouring in from a newly legal recreational system, but new jobs will fill the market and benefit many. Hundreds at the state level are expected and thousands are expected at the city level in the state. These new recruits will be dealing with a variety of responsibilities: monitoring streams near […]

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Nevada marijuana sales

How Much Did Nevada Make In The First Month Of Legalization?

Despite issues with distribution when legal recreational cannabis sales opened in the state of Nevada in July, Nevada marijuana sales hit $27M in first month of Recreational Sales. Nevada had a rough start for recreational sales, which started on July 1st. The law making cannabis recreationally legal also set out regulations that guaranteed alcohol wholesale distributors sole rights to transport cannabis and derivative products for the first 18 months of sales. However, none had attained licensing by July, and the Governor issued a state of emergency to make emergency legislation, due to the real threat of dispensaries running out of […]

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California Recreational Marijuana

California Recreational Marijuana Struggles Continue

You heard that right: due to regulatory red tape, many if not all Bay Area cities, as well as cities throughout the rest of the Sunshine State, won’t be prepared to permit businesses when California Recreational Marijuana becomes legal in the state on the first of January. There are a few reasons for the lag: some cities are likely dragging their feet on getting their own regulatory framework up and going, but the state also has not delivered its final regulations, which are expected sometime in November. Many localities are waiting for direction from state regulators before clarifying and finalizing […]

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