LTRMN Cabana Joints Review

The LTRMN Cabana joint tube looks more like a product you’d see at Sephora rather than on the shelf’s at your favorite dispensary. Their doob tube is sleek and eye pleasing due to its calming baby blue and white color scheme. Maybe the reason why it looks so high end is because it is so high end. Cabana goes above and beyond with their joint line and it shows. First they suss out what they consider to be best-of-breed farms. Then hand pick one strain chosen out of several that are tested for flavor, potency plus the over all experience. […]

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Sessions Anti-Cannabis

Sessions Anti-Cannabis Position Challenged By House Democrats

House Democrats have taken their first step in opposing AG Jefferson Beauregard Sessions after his blatant attack on states’ rights when he rescinded the Cole Memo last month. Eleven members of the House Judiciary Committee are demanding a hearing into the decision by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to roll back an Obama-era policy on marijuana enforcement. A letter signed by 11 Democrats calls for Chairman Rep. Bob Goodlatte, a Republican from Virginia, to hold a hearing of the full House Judiciary Committee to discuss the recent move by Sessions, which gives federal prosecutors more leeway to launch marijuana cases in states […]

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Lifestyle Farms – Afgooey Review

Afgooey, an indica-dominant, is one such strain that bridges the hybrid gap so gracefully that I wouldn’t necessarily describe the high it instills as either indica or sativa. A look into Afgooey’s genetics holds the key to understanding why. Half of its lineage is owed to the extremely storied strain Afghani #1. Not only does it put the “Af” in Afgooey, but Afghani #1 provides the pure indica side of its child’s genetics. Afghani #1 is a self-crossed version of the classic landrace strain from (you guessed it) Afghanistan and is a throwback to some of the oldest indica genetics […]

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Kimbo Kush

Thrive Gardens – Kimbo Kush Review

Kimbo Kush, from Thrive Gardens, is a powerful indica-leaning hybrid that appeals to users with its fruity taste and its relaxing physical high. Named for the late Kimbo Slice, a larger than life mixed martial arts fighter and boxer, this strain will straight up knock you on your ass. Kimbo Kush is a cross between Blackberry Kush and indica heavy hitter Starfighter. It’s known to be a strong and spacey painkiller for cannabis novices and aficionados alike. It boasts a 24% THC profile True to its namesake, Kimbo Kush has large, chunky buds that hold a relatively loose and fluffy […]

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Fake CBD

60 US Soldiers Hospitalized After Using Fake CBD

Despite sustained efforts from military veterans to gain access to cannabis for treating PTSD and other combat-incurred conditions, the federal government, military, and Veterans Affairs have failed to grant them their freedom. Though countless veterans say the plant helps ease their ailments, cannabis remains illegal at the federal level (in a recent concession the VA now allows its doctors to discuss the potential treatment but not to prescribe it). Nevertheless, some veterans and soldiers still use it, and some active-duty troops have ended up vaping synthetic cannabidiol (CBD) in their pursuit of relief. CBD is a nonpsychoactive cannabinoid that is proving to be useful […]

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Marijuana Convictions

San Francisco Erases 40 Years of Marijuana Convictions

Good news for people who had a marijuana convictions in San Francisco during the past 40-plus years. There’s a good chance it will be removed from their records or be downgraded. On Wednesday, San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón said his office is going to look into thousands of cases dating back to 1975, retroactively applying a new California law legalizing some recreational cannabis possession. The new law allows people whose past crimes would now not be penalized in the same way to petition to have their convictions overturned or reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor. But Gascón said his office […]

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Kerby Kush Farms

Obama Kush by Kerby Kush Farms

Obama Kush is an indica dominant hybrid strain of cannabis. Kerby Kush Farms bred this daughter strain using an indica Afghani with a sativa dominant hybrid OG Kush. Obama Kush offers well-rounded effects, and is a strain that can be beneficial to all patients with varying experience levels. The balanced stone combines powerful physical effects with a potent, uplifting cerebral high. Despite the potency of the high, you will not get overwhelmingly tired, making it great for times of deep relaxation or meditation. While the deep relaxation and happy euphoria feeling is great for a boost of creativity, this coveted, rare […]

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Trellis Farms

Trellis Farms – Rip City Purps Review

Trellis Farms Paying a fine tribute to Portland, OR, the city in which it was first bred, Rip City Purps is a rare indica-dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain created by crossing Sin City Kush and classic Purple Urkle strains. This bud brings on the classic purple flavor, with a sweet and spicy grape flavor accented by herbs and berries on each tasty exhale. The aroma is just as addictive, with a fresh floral grape taste accented by rich spicy earth tones. The Rip City Purps high is one that’s pretty kicked back in nature, with overall relaxing effects that leave you […]

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Cannabis Banking

States Ask Congress to Support Cannabis Banking

A bipartisan mix of attorneys general from states that have legalized cannabis urged congressional leaders Tuesday to pass legislation that would allow banks to do Cannabis Banking. Law enforcement officials from 17 states, the District of Columbia and Guam say exempting banks that service cannabis businesses from federal criminal and civil penalties would provide safeguards for a multibillion-dollar industry operating largely on cash transactions. In the letter addressed to House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and other Congressional leaders, the signatories asked Congress to advance the Secure and Fair Enforcement Banking Act introduced last year. “The […]

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Ninja Dawg Strain

Trellis Farms – Ninja Dawg Strain Review

Trellis Farms is a new name in cannabis, having just gotten their OLCC license in 2017, and this Ninja Dawg strain is one of their proprietary strains from their very first crop. But don’t let that fool you; the Ninja Dawg strain is an impressive sativa-dominant hybrid. Ninja Dawg, a cross between Galactic Glue x Cherrygasm, provides a heady and spaced-out buzz. Its plump buds are dense and once you break one open, you’re overwhelmed by its earthy aromas. At 15% THC, Ninja Dawg won’t blow your hair back, but will put a grin on your face. Trellis is hoping to breed […]

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