Jeff Sessions cannabis

Former Attorney General Says Jeff Sessions Is ‘Obsessed’ With Cannabis

Former Attorney General Eric Holder, is just as confused as we are by current AG Jeff Sessions cannabis war and why he is obsessed. “I think the policy we had in place was a good one,” said Holder while speaking at John Jay College of Criminal Justice’s Smart on Crime Innovations Conference. “Let the states experiment with the notion that again we have these eight or nine federal factors and if you trigger one of these eight or nine factors the feds are going to be coming in.” He went on to call out Sessions’ “almost obsession” with cannabis alongside his claimed […]

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Oregon Genetics

$1 Million Cannabis Theft From Oregon Genetics

CORVALLIS, Ore.  — Over $1 million worth of marijuana and marijuana extract was stolen from Oregon Genetics during the night on Tuesday in Benton County. The founder and CEO of the Oregon Genetics, Caleb Mata says the weed bandits made off with around 10 pounds of hash oil which was ready to be sold in stores, along with $1,000 worth of cannabis flower. “Taking anything from someone is wrong, but $1 million — no matter which way you cut it is a lot of money to anyone,” the owner said. Mata told KOIN 6 News that the suspected thieves were captured on surveillance video […]

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Michigan Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Michigan Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Won’t Be Forced to Close

LANSING, MI – Just two months after Michigan Medical Marijuana Dispensaries were told they could face licensure or impediment by the Bureau of Medical Marihuana Regulation if still open after Dec. 15, the decision has been reversed. Andrew Brisbo of the BMMR said via press release: “Through emergency rules, the Bureau and Board will not consider a medical marihuana facility’s prior operation as an impediment to licensure as long as the applicant documents approval from their municipality in their application.” Dispensaries are at the moment operating in somewhat of a legal gray area. The BMMR was created under a 2016 law, along with the […]

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TKO Reserve

TKO Reserve – Kingpin Gelato Pre-Roll Review

From TKO Reserve comes the Kingpin, another fine example of their commitment to quality. 9 this 1-gram pre-roll aims to be a standout among its peers, and succeeds. Gelato is a favorite, boasting delicious flavors as well as around 20% THC. A slightly indica-dominant strain at 55%, Gelato is a cross of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies that leaves you with a chill head high, but without couch-lock and sedated feeling. TKO is DEM Pure-certified, meaning they go above and beyond organic farming. DEM(Dragonfly Earth Medicine) Pure is a way of gardening free of chemicals and bottled nutrients and without […]

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FDA Marijuana Health Benefits

FDA Might Go After Marijuana Products That Claim Health Benefits

Some interesting developments were had in a hearing before the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, where Scott Gottleib, President Trump’s pick to lead the FDA, answered questions about his stances and the direction the FDA would go in under his care. In that conversation, Gottleib assured lawmakers that his previous private sector connections would be severed if he took office, that the FDA would be focusing strongly on opioids… and that they were going to look into, and may crack down on, claims of health benefits by cannabis products. Gottleib, a former FDA staffer that left to work in the business […]

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Longmont Colorado Marijuana

Longmont, Colorado Is Lifting Their Ban On Marijuana Sales

Amid some controversy, Longmont, Colorado is lifting their longstanding ban on medical and recreational cannabis within city limits. The town council initially voted 5-2 for preliminary approval of the ordinance, which will allow up to four dispensaries to open within city limits. After a rigorous public hearing with serious dissent, the council voted a mere 4-3 to pass the ordinance, which comes before a vote on whether or not to tax marijuana sales in the city. More than a few seem to take issue with the new ordinance. “You are, in effect, allowing the Mexican cartels to set up shop in […]

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Chalice Farms – Pumpkin Spice Truffles

Chalice Farms – Pumpkin Spice Truffles It’s Fall, so you know what that means- Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING! But Chalice Farms isn’t just offering up a trendy coffee. They have created a fantastic treat with a cannabis twist to help you get into the spirit of autumn. These Pumpkin Spice Truffles are coated in delicious white chocolate, with each section of candy containing about 5mg THC.  Each box has 2 candies, bringing the total THC to 40% per package. I started cautiously, only nibbling on one small quarter of a treat. But the sweet pumpkin spice flavor and aroma got the best […]

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Legal Marijuana Prices Drop

Legal Marijuana Prices Continue To Drop

According to Cannabis Benchmarks’ 2017 Mid-Year Wholesale Market Report, wholesale prices for legal Marijuana per pound continue to drop in 2017. Prices dropped 18.6 percent nationwide in the first half of the year, and Colorado in particular is dragging down the numbers with a whopping 40 percent decrease in wholesale prices per pound from the first half of 2017 in comparison to the first half of last year. Despite that drop, analysts still categorize the stability of the market as “remarkable” considering last year’s price volatility and this year’s political uncertainty. In the first half of this year, for example, there has only […]

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World Anti-Doping Agency Approves CBD

World Anti-Doping Agency Approves CBD

The World Anti-Doping Agency recently published their 2018 list of prohibited substances and methods–and CBD is no longer included on the list. This is a major move forward; sports have generally disallowed all forms of cannabis including the infamous case of Michael Phelps and a picture of him using a bong resulting in suspension from competition and loss of sponsorship. These new guidelines wouldn’t have helped Phelps avoid that suspension, however: THC and whole-plant marijuana are still on the list of prohibited substances provided by WADA. Previous versions of the list of prohibited substances under the cannabinoids section included “Natural, e.g. cannabis, […]

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San Diego Marijuana Supply Chain

San Diego Marijuana Supply Chain First Of Its Kind

San Diego Marijuana Supply Chain – It’s no secret that many localities in California aren’t ready for recreational cannabis to legalize in the state at the beginning of next year, but some do have their wits about them. San Diego is ahead of the race as one of the very first to have a fully regulated and cultivation and manufacturing supply chain in place before legalization goes into effect. San Diego’s City Council legalized the San Diego Marijuana supply chain in a 6-3 vote, citing the many benefits of having it up and running in time for legalization to go […]

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