Canada Legalizes Marijuana

Canada Legalizes Marijuana – Maple Leaf, meet Marijuana Leaf. We are excited for, and proud of, our neighbors to the north today, as Canada has passed legislation which will legalize marijuana in the nation. The Senate voted 52 to 29 on Tuesday, June 19 in favour of Bill C-45, the Cannabis Act. There were 2 abstentions. […]

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OLCC Will Inspect Outdoor Grows

Oregon regulators’ plan to observe and inspect the coming outdoor harvest will inconvenience many cannabis producers, but some industry watchers believe it shouldn’t be a significant extra financial burden. Here are the basic facts involved in the issue: The federal government – in particular,  the U.S. attorney for Oregon – is scrutinizing Oregon’s MJ industry […]

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Senate Votes to Protect Hemp, Declare “Hemp History Week”

With no objection from any lawmaker from either party, the U.S. Senate adopted legislation on Tuesday recognizing “the growing economic potential of industrial hemp” as well as its “historical relevance.”  This move comes with a sense of rationality, albeit decades behind the curve. The resolution was passed to commemorate “Hemp History Week,” and calls attention to the fact that ” the […]

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Gallup Poll: Marijuana is Cool with 77% of Americans

According to a Gallup poll released on Monday, a large majority of Americans believe marijuana is “morally acceptable”. Many of the people polled even say they think smoking some bud is even more morally righteous than having some sexy alone time with a good old-fashioned adult video. Sixty-five percent of Americans agreed that cannabis consumption […]

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Weed 101: Trichomes

In our ongoing Weed 101 informational pieces for the novice smoker, today we take a look at trichomes. Despite the celebration of the cannabis plant’s green leaves and buds, it is actually the nearly invisible sugary crystalline trichomes that provide all medical or recreational value. Whether considering the recreational or medical benefits of cannabis, therapeutic […]

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North Carolina Marijuana Decriminalization Is Coming

North Carolina Marijuana Decriminalization – Advocates for sensible cannabis laws are gearing up for a fight in North Carolina, as Representative Kelly Alexander, Jr. has just introduced House Bill 994, which would radically revise North Carolina’s criminal marijuana laws if passed. HB 994 is officially entitled; “AN ACT TO INCREASE THE AMOUNT OF MARIJUANA THAT MAY BE […]

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