Jeffreys Flower & Oil

When it comes to pushing boundaries, we commend any business that takes the risk to try something new.  Especially in an Oregonian culture where the number of dispensary’s out-number that of McDonalds or Starbucks, it is extremely important to push the norm and experiment.  We’ve seen dispensary’s like Farma, Serra, Chalice Farms, and Oregon’s Finest create niche atmosphere’s that engulf a customer when they walk through the door.  None though…have done it quite like what you are about to experience at Jeffreys Flower & Oil. Upon scoping the outside, and inside, of this new joint that is about to open […]

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California's New Cannabis Regulations

California’s New Cannabis Regulations

California’s New Cannabis Regulations for the industry were released last Thursday. The rulebook gives aspiring and established marijuana businesses their first look at 276 pages of regulations they must abide by beginning Jan. 1, when the state will start issuing licenses for the multibillion-dollar industry and allowing recreational pot sales to start for the first time. You can read the official documents here: Regulations for shops, distributors and testers (PDF) Regulations for cultivators (PDF) Regulations for manufacturers (PDF) The rushed timeline is the result of a series of conflicting laws passed over the last two years. In fall 2015, Gov. […]

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Primo Farms

Primo Farms – Pre-Roll Pack Review

Primo Farms In Rogue Valley, OR, Primo Farms is growing their brand along with some of the finest bud in the region. Their pre-roll pack, containing 3 1g joints, sets out to impress from the moment you lay eyes on it. These are some of the best pre-rolls I have come across, from the packaging that exudes an air of class and elegance, to the terrific high. After smoking a joint of one of their indica offerings, I was beyond baked. It smoked well, with no runners or canoeing, but I did have to relight it a couple of times. It was […]

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She Don't Know Edibles

She Don’t Know Edibles- Tokeless B Coconut Edibles Review

Staying loyal to an organic, vegan diet can be difficult when it comes to marijuana edibles. But She Don’t Know Edibles, a one-woman producer of some of the most delicious cannabis treats in Portland, OR has made it her mission statement to provide healthy treats to discerning enthusiasts. I recently had the chance to try out SDK’s Tokeless B. Coconut, and beyond my love of coconut, I was surprised at the taste and quality. They are a little crumbly upon opening, which I attribute to the raw, organic nature of the ingredients, and lack of preservatives holding it together. I could […]

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Buying CBD Online

Buying CBD Online? You May Be Getting Ripped Off

Buying CBD Online? Cannabidiol is a major component of marijuana, and is gaining popularity for its medicinal qualities nationwide.  But a study published on Tuesday reports that people trying to treat themselves with cannabidiol products that were purchased online may not be getting what they’re paying for. The study is led by the University of Pennsylvania, which purchased 84 CBD products from 31 online companies and found that less than a third were properly labeled. About 43 percent of the products, including oils, tinctures, and vaporization liquid,  contained less cannabidiol than their labels advertised. The findings indicate that they weren’t potent enough to give their […]

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Nevada Marijuana Shortage

Tourists May Contribute To Another Nevada Marijuana Shortage

By now, you’ve heard of the Nevada Marijuana Shortage that endangered Nevada’s entrance as an adult-use state. Due to a guideline that stated that only alcohol wholesale distributors could transport cannabis in the state for the first 18 months of legality was strained by no distributors qualifying for the necessary licenses, the state enacted a state of emergency and enacted emergency legislation to keep the weed flowing–and businesses open. Though the emergency regulations were more of a patch job and the courts are still deliberating, weed supplies in Nevada might be threatened by something else: tourists. The sheer volume of demand […]

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texas marijuana

Texas Marijuana is Coming!

History is being made in Texas Marijuana, as the first legal crop of cannabis is being grown in the Austin-metro region. Texas-based company Compassionate Cultivation received their approval to begin operations and is just one of three licensed growers in Texas. The company was given approval for a grow license in May, but just this week received the official documentation from The Texas Department of Public Safety. The dispensary wasted no time, planting hundreds of cannabis seeds on their 7,200-square-foot premises which have already begun germinating. Morris Denton, CEO of Compassionate Cultivation, says his company—whose operations partner is MJardin, a marijuana consultant company that runs […]

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Medical Marijuana Patient Registry

Medical Marijuana Patient Registry Launches in Pennsylvania

Even though registered patients will have to wait another six months before legally obtaining their medication, the final obstacle between The State of Pennsylvania and those who choose to medicate with cannabis has finally been overcome. The state’s decision comes after the successful pilot program which was begun after Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Program was passed into law on April 17 of 2016. The launch of the patient registry is part of the state’s steady implementation of the 2016 law. Over the next six months, the state will review applications for registration with the new medical cannabis program. Doctors, caregivers, growers and dispensary operators now have […]

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Groen Farm

Groen Farm – Deadhead OG Strain Review

From Groen Farm, located in one of Mt. Hood’s majestic valleys in Oregon, comes their Deadhead OG, and it does not disappoint. At 18% THC, this potent kush gets its 60% sativa properties from Chemdawg 91, while also boasting 40% indica from its SFV OG parent. Deadhead OG has a pleasing, yet pungent aroma, with some people saying it has notes of lemon, pine, and wood within the smoke and the bud itself.  This strain can very easily fill a house with its strong, earthy smell, so be mindful of this if you share space with non-smokers. Deadhead OG is ideal for […]

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Blumenauer Advocates For Medical Marijuana Research To Fight Opioid Crisis

Earl Blumenauer – “As we’re slowly acknowledging the depths of the opioid crisis, which is good, we seldom acknowledge one of the simplest, most effective solutions: medical marijuana.” Oregon’s Congressman Earl Blumenauer dropped this mic in testimony before a U.S. House Subcommittee on Health hearing on proposals for ending the opioid crisis. The testimonial was in support of a bill Blumenaur is sponsoring, the Medical Marijuana Research Act of 2017. He also distributed a pamphlet to the members of the subcommittee: “Physician Guide to Cannabis-Assisted Opioid Reduction,” which was prepared by Adrianne Wilson-Poe, Ph.D., of Washington University in St. Louis, School of Medicine. The […]

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