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Afgooey, an indica-dominant, is one such strain that bridges the hybrid gap so gracefully that I wouldn’t necessarily describe the high it instills as either indica or sativa. A look into Afgooey’s genetics holds the key to understanding why. Half of its lineage is owed to the extremely storied strain Afghani #1. Not only does it put the “Af” in Afgooey, but Afghani #1 provides the pure indica side of its child’s genetics. Afghani #1 is a self-crossed version of the classic landrace strain from (you guessed it) Afghanistan and is a throwback to some of the oldest indica genetics in the world. The new player in Afgooey’s game of genetic make-up is Mau Haze. Maui Haze, or sometimes called Island Maui Haze, is a rather mysterious strain. The strain itself leans heavily on the sativa side of the spectrum, but wrangling down its true genetic parentage is a task left to either the original growers or more likely a team of scientists with a penchant for cannabis genetics. To put it bluntly, even the internet, is the vast source of genetics that it is, was no help in pinning down the precise ancestry of Maui Haze. Despite Afgooey never knowing its grandparents on the sativa side, it’s grown up to be a phenomenal indica dominant strain with a very powerful sativa effect attached to it.

These buds are simply smothered in trichomes over every square inch with each little sticky trichome working as a team to make sure that I won’t accidentally drop the nugget on the floor. Overall, Afgooey has a very pale green coloration and has a pretty decent number of little orange hairs to complement its insane number of crystals. As far as bud structure goes, it has the short and stout appearance of an indica strain and each individual bud is extremely dense. As far as the insides go, everything was cured perfectly. The leaf itself wasn’t overly moist and I accredit the sticky denseness almost entirely to the trichomes on the surface,

Another in a long line of potent hits grown by Lifestyle Farms, Afgooey will undoubtedly please both indica and sativa lovers. Pick up some Afgooey at your nearest Deanz Greenz for top quality buds.

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