High Desert Pure

Natural, Local, and Oh So Pure

High Desert Pure

Find the Happy Drop, Find Your Happy Place


The pen is mightier.

Optimal Oil

Our craft cannabis oil is full spectrum extract, meaning that it includes all of the terpenes and microterpenes from the plan.  Our flavor and consistency out-performs the competition without the user of cutting agents like PG, VG, or PEG oil, even when the temperature drops.

Intuitive Design

Five clicks turns it on. Three clicks changes the voltage. That simple? Yep.

A Better Battery

Our batteries are engineered to provide the ideal temperature and astonishing flavor.

Premium Purity Promise

We care about what we do. Our mission is to provide the purest experience possible. Find the Happy Drop, find your happy place.


Raise a glass.

High Desert Pure

Efficient. Effective.

The Dablicator™ comes prefilled with strain-specific craft CO2NCENTRATE™.  All of our oil is fully activated, meaning that you can use it for making your own edibles as well as for dabbing.  Each package comes with a helpful edible dosing worksheet as well.

Good Things, Small Packages

Sleek and compact, you can take your Dablicator anywhere. More power, less pocket space.

Glass Body

Our sturdy pharmaceutical glass allows you to dab oil directly onto an e-nail or dab rig. Dabbing has never been easier or cleaner.

Bath Bombs

High Desert Pure

Our THC infused bath bombs are the bomb! For the ultimate in relaxation, take a soak with these fizzy devils. They give a calming effect that we have a hard time describing any other way than “noodly.” Our cannabinoid oils actually integrate with bath water rather than simply floating on top, and they won’t stain you or your tub.


High Desert Pure

This rich, non-greasy, hydrating moisturizing lotion feels smooth to the touch and never leaves an oily residue behind. Loaded with over 250mg of cannabinoids, we have some of the highest THC and CBD numbers out there. We also include mango butter, shea butter, cocoa butter, almond oil, safflower oil, and a few other goodies to moisturize, soften, and fight free radicals without clogging pores. Available in an airless 100ml (3.5oz) dispenser.


High Desert Pure

Our pre-rolls are filled with the best top shelf bud we can find paired with our premium CO2NCENTRATE™ for an 80% flower and 20% oil combination. Much like wine and food pairings, it takes patience and a lot of testing to come up with a complimentary combination.
Each package contains two pre-rolls and a terpene smart humidity control to ensure a premium smoke.

About Us


Welcome to High Desert Pure. Our story begins when two Bend, Oregon families decided to take their tech and science know-how to the budding (heehee) cannabis industry. Ever since, we’ve been learning how to make the best products we can. While our techies and business folk work hard at making sure operations run smoothly, our chemistry commanders are passionate about turning the best organic trim on the market into the best oil on the market. Yeah, we work hard…

But we play hard, too. We’ve never lost our local, Bendite roots, and you’ll love our stuff for the same reason you love Oregon — our craft CO2NCENTRATE  is natural, local, and oh so pure.


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