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We stopped into TrulyPure, a dispensary which recently opened up in downtown Portland, after making their name in the concentrate market by being the very first to sell recreationally in Oregon. But we found a pretty fantastic CBD tincture called Shaman Elixir by Herban Tribe, and you need to hear about it.

Herban Tribe’s Shaman Elixir gives you more bang for your buck, with 500mg of CBD per bottle. The tincture has a hint of earthy tones and isn’t what you’d call ‘flavorful’, but not unpleasant when dropped under the tongue either. Depending on your need and the symptoms you are treating, it may not take much at all. Shaman Elixir is one of the better CBD tinctures we have tried, so you should definitely make sure you are taking the dose that is best for you.

After holding a dropper-full under the tongue, you may feel a sense of well-being and calm wash over you within an hour or two. From there, you will enjoy focus, clarity of mind, and peaceful spirit, just as a Shaman would provide. Rest assured you will be feeling your best self, with no high or overwhelming sleepiness.

Whether you need relief from joint or muscle pain, cramps, anxiety, IBS, or even just want to feel more at peace without being blazed, you should definitely try out Herban Tribe’s Shaman Elixir Full Spectrum CBD.




  • 500 mg of CBD per one ounce bottle

Herban Tribe’s Shaman Elixir is a full spectrum extract. That means it contains CBD, cannabinoids, trace THC and terpenes, which work together synergistically to maximize healing effects. Shaman Elixir is made from real, top shelf, privately-bred, locally-grown cannabis chosen for its unique ratio of high CBD to THC. Our Shaman Elixir is handcrafted with a healing intention using locally sourced, non-GMO grapeseed oil. Discover for yourself why this special product has such an enthusiastic following.


About Truly Pure: 

There is a specific reason we chose the name truly pure. It is what we believe in, and what we stand by wholeheartedly. Our highest priority is to offer patients the cleanest and purest co2 concentrate products available while maintaining a sustainable economic position for community growth. Oregon is our home, and Oregon is what we invest in. We are bringing a unique flavor to co2 concentrates. While we always offer a variety of unflavored co2 oils for patients, research into the medical advantages of adding natural citrus terpenes has given us the ability to create a safer and unique way of consuming your medicine by adding very small amounts of natural citrus terpenes. Studies continue to show the positive effects of consuming isolated terpene levels along with cannabis oils. Enjoy the medicinal benefits you need with the flavor you desire. Try truly pure products today. 

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