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From Groen Farm, located in one of Mt. Hood’s majestic valleys in Oregon, comes their Deadhead OG, and it does not disappoint. At 18% THC, this potent kush gets its 60% sativa properties from Chemdawg 91, while also boasting 40% indica from its SFV OG parent.

Deadhead OG has a pleasing, yet pungent aroma, with some people saying it has notes of lemon, pine, and wood within the smoke and the bud itself.  This strain can very easily fill a house with its strong, earthy smell, so be mindful of this if you share space with non-smokers.

Deadhead OG is ideal for a variety of ailments and symptoms, such as chronic depression, anxiety, insomnia, pain, and stress.  My mood improved almost immediately when I smoked a bowl, and I felt some euphoric effects for a solid couple of hours after. The sativa benefits were terrific; I felt mentally stimulated, was able to focus easier and even get some work done. It didn’t leave me feeling stoned and sluggish, so I would definitely recommend Deadhead OG to anyone who likes to stay active after medicating. Even though it didn’t make me feel lazy, I was relaxed enough to get right to sleep a few hours later.

The buds were well-trimmed and tight, but not too compact, and was easy to break up without a grinder. It makes for excellent joint flower but can easily do the job with a few bong or pipe hits. My friend with a low tolerance got a bit dizzy after burning a bowl and a joint, so that may serve as a caution to anyone without much experience with such a heady high. Smoking Deadhead OG didn’t cause any harsh throat hits or coughing fits, and it was just about as smooth on the exhale as on the way in. Overall, Groen Farm has created a worthy version of the west coast favorite.

The Content – 8/10

The Smell Before Smoking – 7/10

The Taste – 8/10

The High – 7.5/10

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