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With their GPen Gio, Pistil Point has crafted a discrete, sleek, efficient vape pen, designed to maximize your cannabis oil’s potency and improve your overall experience.

The GPen Gio has some high-profile advocates, such as rappers Wiz Kalifa and Berner. Berner

It’s easy to see why these artists would jump on board with the GPen Gio, as it offers a sleek, portable, and well-manufactured vape pen, and replaceable pods of some of the most popular strains available on the market.

The GPen Gio activates by drawing on the mouthpiece, and allows the user to control exactly how big or small a hit as she wants. This makes the GPen Gio perfect for on-the-go quick puffs, or just chilling and taking repeated hits while achieving ultimate couchlock. It charges with a USB cord, and with average use will stay charged all day.

If you’re oil or vape enthusiast, or just looking for a more low-key way to toke, don’t sleep on this one.

“The first 15,000 that we made were initially gonna be called the Gio. We didn’t have a manual, it just had a G on the pen and a G on the box. People started calling it the G Pen naturally. It became G Pen based off what was originally the Gio. We thought it was fitting to bring back around.”The Smokers Club

Pistil Point

A premium craft cannabis producer and extractor operating one of the largest indoor cannabis facilities in the Pacific Northwest. The farm is watched over by a gifted Northern California grow team bringing decades-long levels of excellence while Pistil Point Management brings seasoned business professionals from the worlds of cannabis, entertainment, law, engineering, and medicine.

Pistil Point is an active supporter of medical cannabis programs on an international level and has helped secure licensing in Washington DC, New York, Michigan, Colorado, California, Washington, Oregon and Jamaica for cannabis operations and events.

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