It is with hands in the dirt since 1974, that our time, efforts, and attention have been spent on consistently and sustainably producing top-shelf, artisan crafted cannabis. We take seriously the well-being of those that come into contact with what we grow whether its for health, pleasure, or both. It is our goal to leave the world a little better than how we found it, and spread good-will along the way.


Rich in THC, Hammerheads are a hard hitting, high potency smoke with a heavy, full effect. An honest hit for the seasoned enthusiast.

Get up and go with a boost from Stryders. With varying strength, these little Debbies can charge energy and stroke creativity with zero lock down. For the active worker type, Stryders make fine companions.

The low CBD and mid to high range THC in Mazzies can translate strong to the newcomer or mild to the seasoned user. Smoke a lot or toke a little, Mazzies treat you kind any hour.

Keens are a high CBD blend, great for a quick, solid strength hit. Low levels of THC make these little sessions perfect for a light mid-day puff and move. Be sharp and stay chill.

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