Chalice Edibles

The finest cannabis-infused edibles on the market deserve the purest form of THC oil — without the cannabis taste. We’ve whittled our in-house extracting process down to a science. And all that goodness, plus natural ingredients and no artificial additives, goes into every one of our truffles, chocolates, and gummies. Our amazing team of Portland’s top culinary talent have whipped up a mouthwatering line of edibles. Our chocolate begins with the finest shade-grown cocoa beans sourced from all over the world. To ensure the highest quality gummy, we only use fruit purée that captures the fresh flavors of real fruit. Taste the edibles. Feel the cannabis.

Chocolate Bars

Dark Chocolate Mocha

We’ve paired our decadent dark chocolate with crushed coffee beans from Stumptown Coffee Roasters, resulting in a deeply rich, perfectly balanced bittersweet combo.

Ingredients: dark chocolate, Stumptown coffee, THC oil

Chalice Edibles

White Chocolate Chai

White chocolate and Indian spices come together to create an enchanting experience that will enlighten your taste buds and energize your palate.

Ingredients: white chocolate, cardamom, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, THC oil

Chalice Edibles

Milk Chocolate Hazelnut

Toasted organic hazelnuts from Oregon complement this sweet, velvety milk chocolate bar.

Ingredients: milk chocolate, organic Oregon hazelnuts, THC oil

Chalice Edibles

Milk Chocolate Toffee

Our homemade toffee is the star of the show in this milk chocolate taste explosion. The toffee adds a hint of caramel flavor, making this a rich treat you won’t soon forget.

Ingredients: milk chocolate, toffee, THC oil

Chalice Edibles


Peanut Butter

Everyone loves a good chocolate/peanut butter combination. The chocolate peanut butter ganache at the center provides a perfectly rich bite to this one-of-a-kind truffle.

Ingredients: milk chocolate, all-natural peanut butter, vanilla extract, THC oil

Chalice Edibles

Salted Caramel

Milk and white chocolate join forces with caramel to create an indulgent ganache center. As if it couldn’t get any better, this truffle is finished with a sprinkling of sea salt.

Ingredients: milk and white chocolate, salted caramel, vanilla extract, THC oil

Chalice Edibles

Lemon Meringue

Like grandma’s pie — but better! Our milk chocolate packs a burst of Meyer lemon for a refreshing kick of citrus in every bite.

Ingredients: milk and white chocolate, lemon juice, lemon zest, lemon oil, cream, THC oil

Chalice Edibles

Creamy Coconut

Your search for pure chocolate perfection ends here. This creamy treat is enrobed in dark and white chocolate with hints of coconut — a concoction bound to bring joy to your day.

Ingredients: dark and white chocolate, coconut cream, coconut oil, coconut, coconut extract, THC oil

Chalice Edibles


Blueberry Pomegranate

Luscious blueberry plus tart and tangy pomegranate equals a superfruit match made in heaven. Inspired by Blueberry Kush, these gummies will make you the opposite of blue.

Ingredients: blueberry purée, pomegranate concentrate, gelatin, coconut oil, THC oil

Chalice Edibles

Blood Orange

Delicious and refreshing, this citrus and raspberry-like combo is everything you expect from a gummy — and more! Inspired by Orange Crush, you’ll definitely be crushing over this one.

Ingredients: blood orange purée, coconut oil, gelatin, THC oil

Chalice Edibles

Mango Peach

What happens when you pair juicy mangoes with crisp summer peaches from the Northwest? A tropical paradise in your mouth! Inspired by Mango Kush, man, will you go crazy for these.

Ingredients: mango purée, white peach purée, coconut, gelatin, THC oil

Chalice Edibles


A summer drink in bite-sized form, this tart lemon-lime duo is combined with bright citrus zest for a blend that’s perfect for all seasons. Inspired by Chernobyl, this one’s sure to melt your face.

Ingredients: Key lime concentrate, lemon juice, lemon zest, gelatin, coconut oil, THC oil

Chalice Edibles

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