Chalice Farms – Peppermint Dark Chocolate Edibles

Chalice Farms Chocolates is the gift that keeps on giving. Infused with high-quality cannabis, each package contains nine sections, each at around 4mg THC. As I took my first bite, I remembered I’m not a big fan of peppermint. But the mint taste isn’t at all overwhelming, and the delicious dark chocolate and the hint of cannabis blended nicely to create a much more palatable edible than I anticipated. Time to have another couple of squares.

While waiting for those wonderful edible effects to kick in, I decided to check out the history of Chalice Farm. What I found was more than just your typical story of a business out to make a buck. I discovered that when William Simpson III, CEO and owner of Chalice, was caring for his ailing mother fifteen years ago, he realized the truly miraculous properties of cannabis as medicine. Since 2005, Simpson has been striving to grow the best crops in and around Portland, OR. Chalice is a “vertically integrated producer, processor, and retailer now serving a great many medical patients and recreational users.

A ‘chalice’ is a symbol of communion,  and the farm with this namesake lives up to this description. In Latin, however, it means ‘pistil’ the reproductive part of a flower, but most fittingly, in Rastafarian terminology, a chalice is a smoking apparatus, and sometimes even refers to the cannabis plant itself. These three definitions are the theme Chalice and Simpson embrace, and the result of their vision is indeed worthy of the name.

About a half hour after my first 12 mg(3 squares), I begin to relax all over, and a subtle grin permeated my face. At this dosage, I got a nice boost of creative energy and decided to work on a music project for a bit. This was to little avail, as I soon realized I’m just high enough to lose focus on the task at hand. May as well eat a couple more squares and settle in for a more passive music experience. The next couple of hours, I have a private Led Zeppelin concert, bass reverberating throughout my comfortably serene body. Chalice Farms Chocolates are highly recommended for those suffering from pain, anxiety, or anyone who needs to be more in tune with the vibrations of music, life, or the universe.


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