PenSimple Review

PenSimple Review

PenSimple is the modern answer to your old crusty grinder. The sleek design of the PenSimple merely hints at the functionality it provides to your smoke sessions. Insert your nug into the top, give a couple twists to grind, then just press the button to dispense your favorite flower. There’s no mess, no sticky fingers, and it’s an awesome way to store your bud, always ready for a quick bowl or smoke circle.  Pack your dish full of herbs in seconds. The push button dispensing allows one-handed precision dispensing for careful herb placement. While I did find PenSimple to be […]

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Resolution Bong Cleaning Gel

Resolution Bong Cleaning Gel

Resolution Bong Cleaning Gelis the peak of glass-cleaning power, with several amazing products designed to un-gunk the gunkiest bongs. Having just cleaned my own embarrassingly disgusting bong with their Resolution Bong Cleaning Gel, I can now, without shame, share my shiny, good-as-new bong with my guests and not have my water pipe judged in revulsion. The directions are simple, and the results are a gamechanger when it comes to bong scuzz and ease of maintenance for our favorite pieces. Gone are the days of using salt, hot water, or the standard weak cleaners that produce inconsistent results. This product had my 3-footer […]

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7 pipe

7 Pipe Glass Blunt Review

I will admit I was skeptical about this product when I got a chance to review it. Now that I’ve tried it, it’s definitely not as worthless as I first assumed. It is a pretty nifty gimmick overall, and truly practical for travel or other scenarios in which you may need stealth, containment, and minimal mess. But beyond that, if I’m just chilling around the house, I would just as soon smoke a blunt or joint than bother with it. The 7Pipe Twisty Glass Blunt is certainly made of fine materials,  comes in a sexy zipper case with replacement glass tubes […]

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Baby J’s

Wild West Growers- Baby J’s Review

Wild West Growers Baby J’s are potent and flavorful, made from our select sativa-dominant jar-cured cannabis. A Boveda humidity control packet in every package of Daily J’s uses pure water to keep the humidity of our joints at the perfect level for freshness, smoothness, and flavor.  Daily J’s are never made with trim or shake, just 100% great-tasting cured flower. We at the Daily Leaf get a chance to review tons of marijuana, these have to be the smallest we have ever tried. Baby J’s by Wild West Growers are an excellent stocking stuffer. A sturdy little tin contains three 1/3 gram mini-joints, […]

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Holiday Gift Guide For Stoners

Holiday Gift Guide For Stoners | 2017 Edition

Holiday Gift Guide For Stoners We’re officially in the holiday season, so The Daily Leaf has compiled a list of the best gifts for tokers, from grinders to bubblers and vaporizers to video games, to help you make those stocking stuffers and gifts really stand out to your special stoner. The best thing about all of these cannabis accessories is that 1 lucky person is going to win everything listed below in The Daily Leaf’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Giveaway.  All together, these items amass over $2,000 in value and The Daily Leaf, and all of the brands mentioned above couldn’t be happier […]

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Cannabis Ads

Cannabis Ads In TSA Trays? You Bet.

Ontario California International Airport fliers were greeted with something interesting and entirely new recently: TSA trays with cannabis ads. “Cannabis Is Legal. Traveling With It Is Not. Leave It In California” read the trays, part of an ad campaign from manufacturer Organa Brands. Cannabis ads might not seem like that big of a deal, but it’s another small landmark in the domino-effect of legalization: as more states legalize adult use of cannabis, it slowly becomes more socially acceptable. Many younger folks would shrug at the weed-centric ad, but aggressive prohibition is still in living memory and a reality in many […]

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Learn To Ice Carve with Iceovation

Learn to turn a block of ICE into a BONG! James at Iceovation is not only an artist in his own right, he’s the best Ice Carver in Oregon! Now, he might be the only ice carver in Oregon but that doesn’t mean he isn’t one talented sculptor. With a commercial freezer full of ice cowboys, ice menus, and ice cruise ships, there are not many places outside of a Vegas buffet that you could see the sort of mini ice museum that is James’ workshop. Sure you could visit Fairbanks Alaska. Where the ice is crystal clear and removed by crane, carved […]

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potlandia bus tours

Potlandia Bus Tours

This weekend we got to be guests on one of Portland’s new rising attractions the Potlandia Bus Tours. If this is your first time hearing about this tours, you’ll want to get your calendar out and start scheduling a 420 adventure you won’t want to miss. Apart of Great Oregon Tours, this experience gets down to the heart of Portland through weed. Our guide Omar was a true treat on this tour taking us to places I, a Portland native, haven’t even been to, while being able to puff puff pass along the entire ride. This lovely purple bus with […]

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Arcane Revelry’s Night Market

Private Event Shows Successful Social Use Though cannabis events aren’t free to open their doors to the public (Oregon is still struggling to define legal social consumption) private parties are filling the void. Last weekend’s dinner hosted by event planner Arcane Revelry, showed us the potential of like minded folks responsibly sharing cannabis and conversation. Talking directly with producers from Hive Medicated Honey and High Desert Pure enlightened me on the production of both honey and Co2 oil. Did you know there are indoor bee farms? Me neither. I was happy to hear that Hive raises their own free-roaming bees […]

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Las Vegas Recreational Marijuana

Planning On A Trip To Vegas? This Is What You Need To Know About Las Vegas Recreational Marijuana

Las Vegas Recreational Marijuana Despite Nevada’s ongoing struggles to keep up with demand due to regulatory complications, dispensaries still have product that any adult 21 and over can purchase legally. If you’re planning a visit, here’s what you need to know about Las Vegas Recreational Marijuana. Anyone who is aged 21 and older with a valid form of identification can buy up to one ounce of flower and/or one-eighth of an ounce of edibles or concentrates like hash. It is legal for adults to gift, without remuneration, up to 1 oz flower or 1/8 oz concentrates, but it is illegal to […]

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