Tribute To Terpenes Vol. 2

TRIBUTE TO TERPENES: UNITING CANNABIS SCIENCE WITH CANNABIS CONSUMPTION   This is the second volume of The Tribute To Terpenes cognitive and analytical test study being conducted by Green Leaf Labs and The Daily Leaf.  For those who did not get a chance to read through the first testing, you can find it here. Our collaboration unites the subjective blind “testing” of cannabis combined with scientific analysis. For this induction into the Tribute To Terpenes, we have enlisted the help of a couple local companies to conduct blind taste tests with us. Critique for this analysis has come from: My Urban […]

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Analytical and Cognitive Terpene Analysis By Green Leaf Labs & The Daily Leaf

The Daily Leaf and Green Leaf Lab have partnered together to promote the uniqueness of Terpenes; the smells and tastes of Cannabis, with our TRIBUTE TO TERPENES: UNITING CANNABIS SCIENCE WITH CANNABIS CONSUMPTION We all know how important Terpenes are to the pleasure and enjoyment of cannabis. Our goal is to bring attention to the value and importance of terpenes. Our collaboration unites the subjective blind “testing” of cannabis combined with scientific analysis. Green Leaf Lab will perform a terpene analysis and choose the terpene profiles that seem most unique or stand out of all the samples submitted to the […]

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Loud 100 Strain Review: Franks Gift / Jack Herer

We love running into a High CBD strain that holds up in flavor and aroma profile. The Frank’s Gift at Botanica is the perfect example. The scent is straight up cherry fruit snacks with a hint of strawberry jello. Breaking into the sizable nugs revealed more syrupy cherry flavors with a slight whiff of ripe guava.  These fresh buds were sticky and juicy and seemed like a great fit for the rosin press, or the perfect easy to roll joint. A great addition to your daily smoke jar or a perfect intro to high CBD strains. Panda Farms produced this beautiful Jack Herer and […]

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Fourth of July Marijuana Strains

4 Strains for The Fourth of July

The summer is in full swing and it’s time to make plans for the first holiday celebration of the season, Independence Day. There’s only a couple days left to stock up on fireworks and get the grill ready and fired up. There’s no doubt that the best way to celebrate America’s birthday is by breaking out the buds and getting blazed with your buddies after filling up on barbecue. Fireworks shouldn’t be the only thing you spark up this Fourth of July, here are some strains to give your celebration that extra edge. Cotton Candy Kush – Just a few hits of Cotton Candy Kush will have […]

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Loud100 Strain Reviews: Confidential Cheese & Buddha’s Hand

We are pleased to announce that The Daily Leaf has teamed up with Loud100 to bring more strain and dispensary reviews.  “ is committed to quality cannabis coverage in the PNW and beyond.” The Confidential Cheese on Botanica’s shelves was an amazing find. Typically Cheese strains have a heavy funkiness that may border on stink. Not at all the case with this specimen. The purple accents give a hint at this flowers true grape forward aroma. Grape soda stacked on store brand grape popsicles with a bit of concord grape to round out the fruitiness. A slight wood heavy nuttiness strums a […]

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Urban Pharms Vape Pen

Urban Pharms Co2 Oil Vape Pen – Super Sour OG Review

Not all pens are created equal! I have tried almost all of the pens on the market, some work, some just don’t. We stay positive here on The Daily Leaf so we won’t get into which ones you need to stay away from. This pen is made for the long haul and the heavy users. Right when I got this pen I could see the quality right away. Most of these pens are made out of plastic and cheap coils, Urban Pharms definitely put the R&D in when they made this pen. Everything is made out of quality metals and […]

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Strain Review: Jillybean from Urban Fields

Listen, I’ve smoked Jillybean a thousand times. It’s a favorite of mine as a go to for when I need to be a functioning stoner. I can smoke it and go about my day like a normal human being and not eat a million packets of fruit snacks. I stated in my first strain review that I don’t like Sativa’s. I will leave those reviews to my sidekick Carlen to write about. I had a few joints left over from our BUS TOUR, so I sparked one up before I tackled my laundry one Sunday. All I can say is […]

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Greenbuds: NE Dispensary With Top Shelf Deals Every Week

Last week we stopped in at Greenbuds, located on Sandy Blvd and 109th St, to get an inside perspective into the up and coming cannabis dispensary that at only 10 weeks old is already seeing regularly returning OMMP patients and recreational consumers. In addition to having a down-to-earth environment, we found that they offer some of the best and most exclusive top shelf strains in the city. Greenbuds is just starting to make their imprint in the Oregon Cannabis market, but has solid footing with retail knowledge and the right business mentality. Greeted with beaming smiles and various literatures to […]

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Strain Review: Gelato (Cookie Fam Genetics)

I consider myself a weed snob. I prefer indoor over outdoor because I feel it’s smoother and smells better. I really only smoke Indica’s or Hybrids in flower form. When I talk about hybrids, I am really talking about the craft style of marijuana. A hybrid is two hand picked strains of the cultivators choosing for very specific reasons. I have a few favorites and I am going to list them in a couple of threads because they are hard to come by. As of Today, I am also adding a Top Shelf section to our site with just the […]

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