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Cloud Strain Review

Generally speaking, we find that Portland budtenders are pretty good at giving us the genetic background of the marijuana we buy. Recently, however, we’ve stumbled across a delightful mystery. The Cloud strain has been popping up at many of our favorite dispensaries. None of the budtenders have been able to give us any information as […]

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G13 Strain Review

If nothing else, we like the G13 strain for its story. Poking around the internet will reveal a number of tales for the curious reader eager to learn more about the strain’s storied history. Although the strain seems to have appeared in the 1970s, if you’re anything like us, the first time you heard about […]

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Blue Shark Strain Review – By Tokyo Starfish

If you’re anything like us, for your recreational cannabis consumption needs, you tend to stay away from high CBD strains. Federal restrictions have meant that the interaction between CBD and THC in smoked marijuana is highly unclear. Some studies suggest that it may be a necessary potentiating agent in the THC absorption process while others […]

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Purple Hindu Kush Strain Review

As winter slowly creeps in with our Portland December, we’ve found ourselves spending a lot of time sitting in front of a lit fireplace on late Sunday mornings, looking out upon the endless iterations of green and grey. When we find ourself in this position – coffee or cocoa in hand, blanket on knee – […]

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