PenSimple Review

PenSimple Review

PenSimple is the modern answer to your old crusty grinder. The sleek design of the PenSimple merely hints at the functionality it provides to your smoke sessions. Insert your nug into the top, give a couple twists to grind, then just press the button to dispense your favorite flower. There’s no mess, no sticky fingers, and it’s an awesome way to store your bud, always ready for a quick bowl or smoke circle.  Pack your dish full of herbs in seconds. The push button dispensing allows one-handed precision dispensing for careful herb placement. While I did find PenSimple to be […]

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Resolution Bong Cleaning Gel

Resolution Bong Cleaning Gel

Resolution Bong Cleaning Gelis the peak of glass-cleaning power, with several amazing products designed to un-gunk the gunkiest bongs. Having just cleaned my own embarrassingly disgusting bong with their Resolution Bong Cleaning Gel, I can now, without shame, share my shiny, good-as-new bong with my guests and not have my water pipe judged in revulsion. The directions are simple, and the results are a gamechanger when it comes to bong scuzz and ease of maintenance for our favorite pieces. Gone are the days of using salt, hot water, or the standard weak cleaners that produce inconsistent results. This product had my 3-footer […]

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Snowland Strain

Urban Pharms – Snowland Strain Review

Urban Pharms is back in the game with an excellent new flower, called the Snowland strain, and they’re making a bold statement of quality. The Snowland strain (or “SnowLAnd”) is an indica dominant hybrid (70% indica/30% sativa) strain created in the heart of Los Angeles as a cross of the infamous Snowcap and LA Confidential strains. Ironically enough, this bud comes from sunny Southern California and not anywhere that typically sees any snow at all. Snowland gets its name from its super frosty appearance due to a thick coating of tiny crystal bright vibrant white trichomes. Underneath the crystals, dark […]

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California Marijuana Laws

California Marijuana Laws, We Point Out The Details

California Marijuana Laws – In California, New Year’s Day 2018 brought more than just a hangover and a handful of half-baked resolutions. It brought sweeping change as the state’s much-anticipated Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act fully comes into effect. Passed by voters in November 2016, Proposition 64 legalized recreational cannabis for people 21 and older. The initiative allowed for possessing, transporting, and sharing up to an ounce of cannabis and eight grams of cannabis concentrate, as well as growing as many as six plants at home. But unlike other states that have legalized weed, California has more than […]

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7 pipe

7 Pipe Glass Blunt Review

I will admit I was skeptical about this product when I got a chance to review it. Now that I’ve tried it, it’s definitely not as worthless as I first assumed. It is a pretty nifty gimmick overall, and truly practical for travel or other scenarios in which you may need stealth, containment, and minimal mess. But beyond that, if I’m just chilling around the house, I would just as soon smoke a blunt or joint than bother with it. The 7Pipe Twisty Glass Blunt is certainly made of fine materials,  comes in a sexy zipper case with replacement glass tubes […]

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emerald daze

Emerald Daze – Breath of Relief

Discreet Relief with Emerald Daze Understanding that CBD enhances your quality life is only half the battle, the other half is finding a convenient (read: discreet) way to imbibe it at home or on the go. Emerald Daze takes the unique but familiar approach of using an inhaler and offers a product that you would be comfortable using at the dinner table, at a dinner party, seated next to your curmudgeonly boss. This MDI (metered dose inhaler) is built to provide an even and exact dose down to the last breath. The CBD is in a liquid suspension and powered […]

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Last Minute Gifts For Your Stoner Best Friend…

With Christmas Eve and the first night of Hanukkah both falling on December 24th, you have just a little over a week left to figure out that last minute gift or ironic funny novelty top off to make you the best gift giver of the family this year.  We figured we could point you in the directions for a few things that caught our idea…   Stoney Tonys Glass Pipe Cleaner We met Stony Tony earlier this year at a trade show down in Salem, and were put on to what he was slangin’… his glass cleaner.  We put it to […]

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PenSimple Grinder

The PenSimple Herb Grinder makes Marijuana Consumption Experience Easier

We are always doing our best to stay up to date with cool and innovative cannabis products that hit the market. The PenSimple herb grinder is one we stumbled upon while browsing the web earlier today and it could definitely revolutionize the everyday handheld two or three piece herb grinder. PenSimple is a probably the pioneer of the pen herb grinder, since it was the first we’d ever seen or heard of. Right away it’s apparent that this new product will help solve some of the problems that could happen during an marijuana consumption experience. The PenSimple herb grinder wears the name well. It’s ultra discreet and […]

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camping trip with marijuana

Stoner Tips: 9 Marijuana Accessories you Absolutely have to have for a Fall Camping Trip

Rain or shine, some of us need to make up for the lack of camping trips had this summer. Now that we are more a week into October and the weather is looking a bit bleak, a camping trip in the rain may require a few extra accessories. Especially if the crew is trying to stay dry and still blaze up! Lets skip over the general essentials on the usual checklist and go right for all the marijuana accessories you’ll need to keep your camping trip super lit! LighterBro The LighterBro is perfect for when you’re in a bind…like when […]

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marijuana strains for the presidential debate

Here are 9 weed strains to help you get through a presidential debate

To deal with the upcoming anticipated election and the anxiety that’s sure to come up during a presidential debate, Oregon Live hit up a few cannabis experts to find out which strains could help get us through all the chaos that could ensue during the presidential debate. . 1. Super Silver Haze Robb Arnold, the owner of Jayne, says that Super Silver Haze is the perfect sativa to get you through a presidential debate. It’s “energetic, uplifting and great for high stress,” he said over the phone to The Oregonian. It also “helps with nausea,” he added. Super Silver Haze is almost 29 percent THC […]

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