Primo Farms

Primo Farms – Pre-Roll Pack Review

Primo Farms In Rogue Valley, OR, Primo Farms is growing their brand along with some of the finest bud in the region. Their pre-roll pack, containing 3 1g joints, sets out to impress from the moment you lay eyes on it. These are some of the best pre-rolls I have come across, from the packaging that exudes an air of class and elegance, to the terrific high. After smoking a joint of one of their indica offerings, I was beyond baked. It smoked well, with no runners or canoeing, but I did have to relight it a couple of times. It was […]

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She Don't Know Edibles

She Don’t Know Edibles- Tokeless B Coconut Edibles Review

Staying loyal to an organic, vegan diet can be difficult when it comes to marijuana edibles. But She Don’t Know Edibles, a one-woman producer of some of the most delicious cannabis treats in Portland, OR has made it her mission statement to provide healthy treats to discerning enthusiasts. I recently had the chance to try out SDK’s Tokeless B. Coconut, and beyond my love of coconut, I was surprised at the taste and quality. They are a little crumbly upon opening, which I attribute to the raw, organic nature of the ingredients, and lack of preservatives holding it together. I could […]

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Chalice Farms – Peppermint Dark Chocolate Edibles

Chalice Farms Chocolates is the gift that keeps on giving. Infused with high-quality cannabis, each package contains nine sections, each at around 4mg THC. As I took my first bite, I remembered I’m not a big fan of peppermint. But the mint taste isn’t at all overwhelming, and the delicious dark chocolate and the hint of cannabis blended nicely to create a much more palatable edible than I anticipated. Time to have another couple of squares. While waiting for those wonderful edible effects to kick in, I decided to check out the history of Chalice Farm. What I found was more […]

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TKO Reserve

TKO Reserve – Kingpin Gelato Pre-Roll Review

From TKO Reserve comes the Kingpin, another fine example of their commitment to quality. 9 this 1-gram pre-roll aims to be a standout among its peers, and succeeds. Gelato is a favorite, boasting delicious flavors as well as around 20% THC. A slightly indica-dominant strain at 55%, Gelato is a cross of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies that leaves you with a chill head high, but without couch-lock and sedated feeling. TKO is DEM Pure-certified, meaning they go above and beyond organic farming. DEM(Dragonfly Earth Medicine) Pure is a way of gardening free of chemicals and bottled nutrients and without […]

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Chalice Farms – Pumpkin Spice Truffles

Chalice Farms – Pumpkin Spice Truffles It’s Fall, so you know what that means- Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING! But Chalice Farms isn’t just offering up a trendy coffee. They have created a fantastic treat with a cannabis twist to help you get into the spirit of autumn. These Pumpkin Spice Truffles are coated in delicious white chocolate, with each section of candy containing about 5mg THC.  Each box has 2 candies, bringing the total THC to 40% per package. I started cautiously, only nibbling on one small quarter of a treat. But the sweet pumpkin spice flavor and aroma got the best […]

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sweet cannabis

Sweet Cannabis Launches This Month

While September might be known in Oregon for the month that we finally see some rain (who thought one would actually ask for rain in Oregon?!?) we want you to remember it for something else: the official launch of Sweet Cannabis, and their new product line that will be hitting dispensary shelves this month! Sweet Cannabis will be launching their Toko Gold CO2 Cartridges, Grace Note Edibles, Quarry Pre-Rolls, and Nu Tincture & Capsule Line. Over the last few months, your fellow Daily Leaf corresponders have been invited over to Sweet Cannabis’ facility to watch as they evolved past OLCC inspections, and […]

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Chill Gear Makes The Best Grinder

“You have to try the grinder that Chill Gear makes, it’s the BEST grinder I’ve ever tried!” Said one Daily Leaf subscriber a few months back. Until that point, we have not heard about the local Vancouver, Washington makers of bongs, pipes, & grinders, but were intrigued to be introduced. Throughout the few decades of smoking I’ve got under my belt, I’ve had my fair share of grinders. From the legendary Space Case branded product, to the knock-off bought on Saint Marks Street in NYC, to the most recent purchased in my collection from Santa Cruz. We wanted to see where Chill Gear’s grinder […]

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High Desert Pure

High Desert Pure

High Desert Pure With roots deep in the Bend soil High Desert Pure creates high quality, truly pure, cannabis oil with the user completely in mind. Whether you are taking your Pure Pen atomizer on the go or flawlessly dabbing it up with The Dablicator, High Desert Pure has got you covered. These products aren’t just clean, with no additives, HDP’s oil also hold some of the highest potency numbers in class. These locally made oils contain high terpene and micro-terpene numbers, and High Desert Pure backs it up by providing customers their full test results from Green Leaf Labs […]

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she don't know edibles

She Don’t Know …How Good Her Edibles Really Are… Or Does She?

One of the most talked about edible brands in the Oregon cannabis market these days is a company called She Don’t Know.  These gluten-free treats made with real ingredients have been finding their way into a lot of the retail locations The Daily Leaf works with, so decided to explore the product line to see how potent these little bite sized bad boys were. The current product line of She Don’t Know sits with their staple Chocolate Chip Cannabis Cookie, along with Tokeless B. Coconut Cake Balls, and their newest product C’est La Herb Gluten-Free Cracker Squares. With each cookie […]

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gaia bounty

Gaia Bounty Chocolates Review

Gaia Bounty brings the translation of Earth Bounty to light, and creates premium cannabis infused edibles. Their THC, CBD, and Perfect Balance Bars give a nice variety for the consumer’s needs. These European style chocolates are NON-GMO and gluten free, elevating their ingredients to give consumers a sophisticated chocolate bar that happens to also have cannabis infused into them. Gaia Bounty has been creating edibles in Oregon for quite some time now, and was Oregon’s first statewide manufacturer and distributor of quality chocolate products.  While a lot is in the works for the future of Gaia, we decided to grab one of their […]

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