Utah Makes Cannabis Accessible to Terminally Ill, Allows Farms for Research

Utah has taken some baby steps toward recognizing that cannabis is a highly-beneficial medicine for its residents. Two bills that would allow terminally ill patients access to medicinal marijuana and farmers to grow marijuana for research purposes under state supervision were given a favorable nod by lawmakers Wednesday as they were pushed out of a legislative committee and sent to the Utah House floor. Orem Republican Rep. Brad Daw presented substitute versions of House Bills 195 and 197 to the House Health and Human Services Committee Wednesday. The bills drew some concern from lawmakers and others, yet not enough to stop […]

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Cannabis Industry Battling Federal Ban on CBD Oil

The cannabis industry is fighting a ban on CBD oil, a derivative that is used in a wide array of products but doesn’t get users high. Many users, this writer included, use CBD daily as a way to combat anxiety, pain, depression, and various other symptoms and ailments. The case that landed before San Francisco’s Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Thursday. The half-billion dollar U.S. hemp industry is up in arms about a new U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency rule. The DEA created a brand new drug code for all cannabis extracts, including CBD Oil products. The hemp industry argues this […]

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bernard noble

Bernard Noble, Louisiana Man Serving 13 Years for 2 Joints Gets Parole

Here on the west coast, it’s easy to forget that other parts of the nation are still suffering under archaic and life-destroying laws concerning marijuana. One Lousiana man has finally received parole after serving over half a 13-year sentence for two joints. Bernard Noble, who was sentenced to 13 years for possessing two marijuana joints, was granted parole yesterday after serving more than 8 years in a Louisiana prison. His case drew national attention and outrage, at a time when states are legalizing marijuana and individuals are making big bucks with the business of marijuana. Bernard was riding his bike up […]

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Colorado Freeing Inmates

Colorado Freeing Inmates with Nonviolent Cannabis Charges

DENVER- After six years of legal cannabis in the state, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper is exploring the idea of granting clemency to nearly 40 inmates convicted of nonviolent marijuana offenses. The Democrat tells The Denver Post that it might be a good idea to invite qualifying inmates to apply for clemency for nonviolent pot crimes. The governor’s staff is reviewing the cases with the Department of Corrections. Hickenlooper publicly acknowledged his support for the idea during a Monday interview with the streaming television channel Cheddar. “We have been discussing this idea for some time and are carefully evaluating whether there are […]

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Texas Dispensary

First Texas Dispensary Opens

Texas is known as a deep-red state with archaic cannabis laws, but progress is being made in small steps. The first Texas dispensary is now open in the lone star state. However, only a select few patients will be able to procure the medicine. On Thursday, Compassionate Cultivation will open its doors to its customers to become the first licensed cannabis oil dispensary in Texas. It is located just outside of Austin in Manchaca, the Dallas Observer reported on Monday. The news comes after a 6-year-old girl, who suffers from epilepsy, became the first Texan to receive medical marijuana prescription. However, the dispensary […]

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Marijuana Banking

Colorado Credit Union Approved for Marijuana Banking

After years of legal battles, a Colorado credit union has finally won conditional approval from the Federal Reserve Bank to serve ancillary canna-businesses. Back in 2014, Fourth Corner Credit Union received a charter from the state of Colorado allowing it to serve state-legal cannabis firms. Federal law prohibits any bank from dealing with a business that handles funds relating to an illegal drug, however, and the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City denied the credit union’s request for a master account on these grounds. A master account allows a bank to access the national banking system, and the credit union would not […]

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U.S. Attorney Billy Williams

Oregon Prosecutor Says There is Too Much Marijuana

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) – Oregon’s top federal prosecutor said Friday the state has a “formidable” problem with marijuana overproduction that winds up on the black market and that he wants to work with state and local leaders and the pot industry to do something about it. U.S. Attorney Billy Williams convened the unprecedented summit of influential federal law enforcement representatives, state officials and marijuana industry scions after Attorney General Jeff Sessions withdrew an Obama administration memo that had guided states with legalized weed on how to avoid federal scrutiny. The meeting included representatives from 13 other U.S. attorney’s offices, the FBI, the […]

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Sessions Anti-Cannabis

Sessions Anti-Cannabis Position Challenged By House Democrats

House Democrats have taken their first step in opposing AG Jefferson Beauregard Sessions after his blatant attack on states’ rights when he rescinded the Cole Memo last month. Eleven members of the House Judiciary Committee are demanding a hearing into the decision by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to roll back an Obama-era policy on marijuana enforcement. A letter signed by 11 Democrats calls for Chairman Rep. Bob Goodlatte, a Republican from Virginia, to hold a hearing of the full House Judiciary Committee to discuss the recent move by Sessions, which gives federal prosecutors more leeway to launch marijuana cases in states […]

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Fake CBD

60 US Soldiers Hospitalized After Using Fake CBD

Despite sustained efforts from military veterans to gain access to cannabis for treating PTSD and other combat-incurred conditions, the federal government, military, and Veterans Affairs have failed to grant them their freedom. Though countless veterans say the plant helps ease their ailments, cannabis remains illegal at the federal level (in a recent concession the VA now allows its doctors to discuss the potential treatment but not to prescribe it). Nevertheless, some veterans and soldiers still use it, and some active-duty troops have ended up vaping synthetic cannabidiol (CBD) in their pursuit of relief. CBD is a nonpsychoactive cannabinoid that is proving to be useful […]

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Marijuana Convictions

San Francisco Erases 40 Years of Marijuana Convictions

Good news for people who had a marijuana convictions in San Francisco during the past 40-plus years. There’s a good chance it will be removed from their records or be downgraded. On Wednesday, San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón said his office is going to look into thousands of cases dating back to 1975, retroactively applying a new California law legalizing some recreational cannabis possession. The new law allows people whose past crimes would now not be penalized in the same way to petition to have their convictions overturned or reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor. But Gascón said his office […]

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