California's New Cannabis Regulations

California’s New Cannabis Regulations

California’s New Cannabis Regulations for the industry were released last Thursday. The rulebook gives aspiring and established marijuana businesses their first look at 276 pages of regulations they must abide by beginning Jan. 1, when the state will start issuing licenses for the multibillion-dollar industry and allowing recreational pot sales to start for the first time. You can read the official documents here: Regulations for shops, distributors and testers (PDF) Regulations for cultivators (PDF) Regulations for manufacturers (PDF) The rushed timeline is the result of a series of conflicting laws passed over the last two years. In fall 2015, Gov. […]

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texas marijuana

Texas Marijuana is Coming!

History is being made in Texas Marijuana, as the first legal crop of cannabis is being grown in the Austin-metro region. Texas-based company Compassionate Cultivation received their approval to begin operations and is just one of three licensed growers in Texas. The company was given approval for a grow license in May, but just this week received the official documentation from The Texas Department of Public Safety. The dispensary wasted no time, planting hundreds of cannabis seeds on their 7,200-square-foot premises which have already begun germinating. Morris Denton, CEO of Compassionate Cultivation, says his company—whose operations partner is MJardin, a marijuana consultant company that runs […]

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Medical Marijuana Patient Registry

Medical Marijuana Patient Registry Launches in Pennsylvania

Even though registered patients will have to wait another six months before legally obtaining their medication, the final obstacle between The State of Pennsylvania and those who choose to medicate with cannabis has finally been overcome. The state’s decision comes after the successful pilot program which was begun after Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Program was passed into law on April 17 of 2016. The launch of the patient registry is part of the state’s steady implementation of the 2016 law. Over the next six months, the state will review applications for registration with the new medical cannabis program. Doctors, caregivers, growers and dispensary operators now have […]

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Michigan Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Michigan Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Won’t Be Forced to Close

LANSING, MI – Just two months after Michigan Medical Marijuana Dispensaries were told they could face licensure or impediment by the Bureau of Medical Marihuana Regulation if still open after Dec. 15, the decision has been reversed. Andrew Brisbo of the BMMR said via press release: “Through emergency rules, the Bureau and Board will not consider a medical marihuana facility’s prior operation as an impediment to licensure as long as the applicant documents approval from their municipality in their application.” Dispensaries are at the moment operating in somewhat of a legal gray area. The BMMR was created under a 2016 law, along with the […]

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Longmont Colorado Marijuana

Longmont, Colorado Is Lifting Their Ban On Marijuana Sales

Amid some controversy, Longmont, Colorado is lifting their longstanding ban on medical and recreational cannabis within city limits. The town council initially voted 5-2 for preliminary approval of the ordinance, which will allow up to four dispensaries to open within city limits. After a rigorous public hearing with serious dissent, the council voted a mere 4-3 to pass the ordinance, which comes before a vote on whether or not to tax marijuana sales in the city. More than a few seem to take issue with the new ordinance. “You are, in effect, allowing the Mexican cartels to set up shop in […]

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San Diego Marijuana Supply Chain

San Diego Marijuana Supply Chain First Of Its Kind

San Diego Marijuana Supply Chain – It’s no secret that many localities in California aren’t ready for recreational cannabis to legalize in the state at the beginning of next year, but some do have their wits about them. San Diego is ahead of the race as one of the very first to have a fully regulated and cultivation and manufacturing supply chain in place before legalization goes into effect. San Diego’s City Council legalized the San Diego Marijuana supply chain in a 6-3 vote, citing the many benefits of having it up and running in time for legalization to go […]

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Alaska's Marijuana Ban

Alaska’s Marijuana Ban Gets Rejected By Voters

Alaska’s Marijuana Ban – Three years after Alaska legalized recreational cannabis, some localities in the state’s major marijuana growing areas considered Alaska’s Marijuana Ban. Thankfully for the businesses (and customers) in those areas, voters voted against those band by large margins. When Alaska legalized adult use of recreational cannabis in 2014, they allowed for localities to ban cannabis within their borders, and two localities, in and around Fairbanks and on the Kenai Peninsula, tried to do just that. The proposed bans encompassed marijuana growing, manufacturing, selling, and testing in those areas, and threatened many people’s livelihood: had the bans passed, businesses that […]

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San Francisco Recreational Marijuana

San Francisco Recreational Marijuana Permits Delayed

San Francisco Recreational Marijuana – Not the only municipality to be dragging their feet, San Francisco will be another city delaying recreational permits when recreational cannabis becomes legal in California in January 2018. Though it’ll be a buzz-kill for some, it’s actually for good reason: San Francisco is delaying so they can pass a few laws to regulate the market and create an equity program. The equity program is intended to help low-income entrepreneurs, people of color, and former drug offenders create cannabis-related businesses: a boon in a city that will likely see a lot of rich, and white, investors pushing […]

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California Recreational Marijuana

California Recreational Marijuana Struggles Continue

You heard that right: due to regulatory red tape, many if not all Bay Area cities, as well as cities throughout the rest of the Sunshine State, won’t be prepared to permit businesses when California Recreational Marijuana becomes legal in the state on the first of January. There are a few reasons for the lag: some cities are likely dragging their feet on getting their own regulatory framework up and going, but the state also has not delivered its final regulations, which are expected sometime in November. Many localities are waiting for direction from state regulators before clarifying and finalizing […]

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Vegas Social Use

Vegas Watching Denver’s Social Use Experiment Before Considering Their Own

As Denver begins a great experiment with social use licensing in the city, Las Vegas looks on to try and decide whether or not a similar program could work locally. In a cautious but smart move, the officials who hold authority over the Las Vegas strip have announced that until Denver’s program goes into effect and they can observe the effects, they’re going to hold off on a conversation about licensing and regulating social use clubs and lounges in sin city. Though it is a smart move to delay, it also means continued issues for tourists; though Nevada legalized recreational […]

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