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Sweet Cannabis – Grace Notes Winter Mint Edibles

Just because the holiday season is over, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat yourself to something sweet and deliciously intoxicating. Thanks to their unrivaled quality and elegance in presentation, Grace Notes edibles by Sweet Cannabis can’t be missed by cannabis enthusiasts. The Winter Mint, with its peppermint flavor and seasonal colors, represents not only the feeling of the season, but a company which aims for a very classy and nostalgic vibe, and succeeds in both fronts. Grace Notes frames their perspective as a callback to the days of jazz clubs and seductive singers in reefer-hazed nightclubs, and are made with the same grace […]

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Rescinding Cole Memo

Attorney General Targets Legal Cannabis, Rescinding Cole Memo

In a shocking, and possible disastrous move, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has rescinded several Obama-era directives that discouraged enforcement of federal marijuana laws in states that had legalized the substance. This could spell doom for the progress made by states like Colorado, Oregon, and as of January 1, California. Cali is expected to become the largest marijuana industry in the US. Well, it was. With this move and the daily chaos of the inept Trump administration, who knows how this will shake out? But for now, it’s smart to take this seriously. In a memo sent to U.S. attorneys Thursday, Sessions […]

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Muru Cannabis Syrup

Muru Cannabis Syrup Review

“When purity is your passion, you don’t settle for acceptable, or even meeting industry standards. You go beyond. The result is Muru.” Muru Cannabis Syrup is an awesome product that is comprised of natural ingredients, processed using ecologically-friendly methods, and made with excellence to improve your daily well-being. I was able to try out a bottle of their Blackberry Lemon, and over the course of a week, I added it with delightful results to coffee, tea, and ginger ale. Per the suggested 2oz serving(okay maybe a bit more here and there), my overall mood and physical state were improved for hours at […]

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leif goods

Leif Goods Collaborates With Chef Jenn Louis For Special Edible Chocolate Bar

Our friends at Leif Goods recently collaborated with Chef Jenn Louis, owner of Portland Middle Eastern influenced restaurant Ray, to create an adventurous new cannabis infused chocolate bar.  This limited edition Sesame Harissa Bar hits all the high notes from rich and chocolaty, to spicy and savory. Leif Goods is one of the most unique chocolate edible makers in the Oregon cannabis market, and focus on creating products that are natural, organic, unprocessed, and fair trade.  They are no strangers to collaborations with local ingredient makers as well.  In the past Leif Goods has collaborated with Ristretto Roasters, and Jasmine Pearl Tea Company. […]

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Arcane Revelry’s Night Market

Private Event Shows Successful Social Use Though cannabis events aren’t free to open their doors to the public (Oregon is still struggling to define legal social consumption) private parties are filling the void. Last weekend’s dinner hosted by event planner Arcane Revelry, showed us the potential of like minded folks responsibly sharing cannabis and conversation. Talking directly with producers from Hive Medicated Honey and High Desert Pure enlightened me on the production of both honey and Co2 oil. Did you know there are indoor bee farms? Me neither. I was happy to hear that Hive raises their own free-roaming bees […]

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Wana Gummies are the Secret to Summer Fun

Watermelon. The fruit of Summer? It’s summer time and the weather is hot. The thing that comes to mind is picnics, beaches and eating ice cold watermelon on a hot day. I have to say, munching down on these Watermelon flavored Wana sour sativa gummies, is like summer in your palm. Unlike the gummy candies of our childhood that had your jaw working into a fervor, these soft chews are more akin to a pate de fruit. Best munched alongside something bubbly for a double dose of refreshment. 5 mg of THC in each dose, Wana gummies come in two […]

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420 Tips: Portland’s Best Pie

On this, the highest of all holidays (apologies to Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur), the internet is full of wacky weed stories and our site is full of absolutely absurd deals and discounts in every part of Portland. But we wanted to do something just a little bit different. Instead of focusing on the marijuana, which we’re sure you’ve got covered today, we’re gonna talk about something that might become very important shortly after you’ve partaken: Portland’s best pie. Your Daily Leaf correspondent has been on the hunt for the finest in round and flaky confectionary in Rip City over […]

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marijuana news

The Weed In Review

Every Friday – okay, okay, most Fridays – we at the Daily Leaf take a look at the major weed headlines of the past week. Sometimes, if they’re funny enough, we even look at the minor weed headlines. For those of you who don’t want to follow the marijuana news every day, this is your Weed in Review.   Finally, the Congressional Cannabis Caucus is Inaugurated It’s amazing that it took this long. Now that medical cannabis is legal in most of the country, our federal representatives have come together to form the Congressional Cannabis Caucus, Salon reports. For those […]

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We Tried Fast Acting THC Sweetener: Wow!

Some of us here at the Daily Leaf team are suspicious of edibles. Dosing can be difficult to gauge precisely, and by the time you know whether you’ve eaten enough, it may well be too late to eat any more. So when the Daily Leaf head honchos put a jar of cannabis sugar on our desk, we were skeptical. We were even more skeptical after our first try: we gingerly stirred a teaspoons worth of the stuff into our coffee and didn’t feel much of an effect. We decided the product wasn’t worth writing about. And then, just as we […]

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The Weed In Review

Every Friday, we bring you a roundup of some of the finest stories in marijuana news. This is that roundup.   Banging Buds at Burger King? We’ve all wished that we could have a one-stop shop for weed and munchies. Two enterprising young employees at a Burger King outlet in Epping, New Hampshire, made that dream a reality. Refinery29 reports that Garrett “Nasty Boy” Norris and his shift manager Megan Dearborn have been charged with distribution related offenses. According to reports, customers could expect a coffee cup loaded with marijuana when they placed an order for “extra crispy” fries. In […]

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