Medical Marijuana at School

11-Year Old Illinois Girl Allowed Medical Marijuana at School

A federal judge in Illinois says an 11-year-old girl with leukemia should be allowed to use medical marijuana at school. After a hearing in federal court on Friday, the judge decided that the girl’s suburban Chicago school must let her use medical marijuana to treat her seizures, which are a lingering side-effect of the extensive chemotherapy she endured to combat leukemia. The announcement came just two days after the girl’s parents — Jim and Maureen Surin — sued the school district and the state for refusing to let their daughter Ashley use her medication on school grounds. Although Illinois legalized medical marijuana […]

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California Marijuana Laws

California Marijuana Laws, We Point Out The Details

California Marijuana Laws – In California, New Year’s Day 2018 brought more than just a hangover and a handful of half-baked resolutions. It brought sweeping change as the state’s much-anticipated Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act fully comes into effect. Passed by voters in November 2016, Proposition 64 legalized recreational cannabis for people 21 and older. The initiative allowed for possessing, transporting, and sharing up to an ounce of cannabis and eight grams of cannabis concentrate, as well as growing as many as six plants at home. But unlike other states that have legalized weed, California has more than […]

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Jeff Sessions Marijuana Ban

Legal Cannabis States Vow to Fight Sessions

Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a memo Thursday that reverses an Obama-era policy that enabled states to legalize marijuana without federal intervention. But that memo sparked a swift reaction from officials in Washington state, where recreational marijuana has been legal for 5 years now.  Here is Washington governor Jay Inslee, whose constituents voted to legalize marijuana some five years ago: “If news reports are accurate, today’s forthcoming announcement from Attorney General Sessions is the wrong direction for our state. It also disrespects Washington voters who have chosen a different path for our state. I am especially frustrated that this announcement comes after Sessions […]

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Rescinding Cole Memo

Attorney General Targets Legal Cannabis, Rescinding Cole Memo

In a shocking, and possible disastrous move, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has rescinded several Obama-era directives that discouraged enforcement of federal marijuana laws in states that had legalized the substance. This could spell doom for the progress made by states like Colorado, Oregon, and as of January 1, California. Cali is expected to become the largest marijuana industry in the US. Well, it was. With this move and the daily chaos of the inept Trump administration, who knows how this will shake out? But for now, it’s smart to take this seriously. In a memo sent to U.S. attorneys Thursday, Sessions […]

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Cascadia Herbals

Cascadia Herbals Tincture

If you’re searching for the most efficient way to achieve and maintain a euphoric state of mind and feeling of wellness, while not being so stoned you don’t want to leave the couch, Cascadia Herbals Tinctures are just what you need. I have been dosing a couple of times per day for about a week, and cannot recommend it enough. It’s great with coffee to get your day started, and at lunch, for a boost to get you through the rest of the day, as well as before bedtime for a warm slide into a good night’s sleep. So let’s […]

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Weed Friendly Colleges

The Ten Most And Ten Least Weed Friendly Colleges In The US

The Ten Most And Ten Least Weed Friendly Colleges In The US – Looking to go to university and you want to know a bit more about different schools’ views on cannabis? Most schools won’t tell you on their website or when you’re touring, so here’s a list that’ll save you from having to ask around and hope people are right. The Princeton Review recently released their lists of all the best universities, ranking for a variety of variables including “Best Business School” and other boring things; they also discussed who was the best for weed, and who was the best […]

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Surgeon General Wants to Study Marijuana

Surgeon General Wants to Study Marijuana

INDIANAPOLIS — U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams said medical marijuana should be studied and treated like other pain relief drugs but said he could not favor legalizing its recreational use. “Under medical marijuana, I believe it should be like any other drug,” Adams said Friday in Indianapolis. “We need to let the FDA vet it, study it, vet it. The FDA has actually approved cannabidiol oil and some derivatives of marijuana, Marijuana is not one substance. It’s actually over 100 different substances, some of which benefit, some of which are harmful.” Adams, the former Indiana state health commissioner who was […]

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Pro Marijuana Candidates

Pro-Marijuana Candidates Win Governorships in Virginia, New Jersey

In yesterday’s elections, two pro marijuana candidates were voted into their respective states’ gubernatorial roles. Ralph Northam of Virginia and Philip Murphy of New Jersey were elected governors in their races, bringing the next ray of hope to the prospect of full legalization across the board. While the national focus is on these wins being a rebuke to Trump policies and campaign tactics, for our purposes, these men represent an overwhelming desire among constituents to decriminalize access to cannabis. The two Democrats replace Republican governors in states that are now majority-blue. Murphy has said he plans to legalize cannabis within his first […]

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kentucky medical marijuana

Kentucky Medical Marijuana Coming Soon?

According to Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes, medicinal cannabis could be available in the state as early as 2018. Grimes is a big supporter of Kentucky medical marijuana and has said he will lead a task force to study and propose possible implementation and regulation processes of the plant. “2018 is and must be the year when Kentucky finally steps up on Kentucky medical marijuana,” Grimes said in a statement.” We have to get this done to help Kentuckians who are hurting.” State Rep. John Sims will co-chair the task force with Grimes. He thinks Kentucky is behind the curve in terms of medical […]

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Dabbing THC-a Crystalline from Select

Supercharged Dabs and Extra Potent Joints Throw back to the days of prohibition where I was lustily admiring weed magazine centerfolds. Now that I can grab top-shelf cannabis up the block on my lunch break, there are still some things I never thought I’d see on shelves. This is the epitome of concentrates, hovering around 99% THC-a this crystalline product is about as pure as it gets. For those familiar with THC, that’s the cannabinoid in pot that gives us that familiar “stoned” feeling. Mellow, relaxed and free of anxiety. With other terpenes and cannabinoids, the effect can be everything […]

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