Rescinding Cole Memo

Attorney General Targets Legal Cannabis, Rescinding Cole Memo

In a shocking, and possible disastrous move, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has rescinded several Obama-era directives that discouraged enforcement of federal marijuana laws in states that had legalized the substance. This could spell doom for the progress made by states like Colorado, Oregon, and as of January 1, California. Cali is expected to become the largest marijuana industry in the US. Well, it was. With this move and the daily chaos of the inept Trump administration, who knows how this will shake out? But for now, it’s smart to take this seriously. In a memo sent to U.S. attorneys Thursday, Sessions […]

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Anonymous Bags: Green, Secure Exit Bags That Don’t Suck

The history of invention is paved with happenstance, accidents, and lucky mistakes that led to the development of products never imagined by their fortunate inventors. Superglue was invented when Eastman Kodak researchers working on airplane canopies found that a substance they were working with, cyanoacrilate, was too fiendishly sticky for them to use. Realizing the number of surfaces to which the substance would stick, they quickly pushed it onto the market as superglue, to great success. X-Ray technology was discovered when Wilhelm Rontgen was experimenting with cathode ray tubes. He noticed that, despite covering the light from the tubes, photosensitive […]

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Introducing The Herb Center: The Daily Leaf’s First Partner In Bend

As The Daily Leaf expands beyond our Portland home, we’ve had the opportunity to get to know individuals and companies involved in the marijuana business across the state. This week, your trusty Daily Leaf Correspondent had the opportunity to stop into the Leaf’s first partner in Bend, Oregon. Small but mighty, we were entirely impressed by what we found. This is our way of introducing The Herb Center, possibly Bend’s finest destination for marijuana consumers. Walking into The Herb Center, you’re immediately looking for a free place to stand. A beautiful glass selection is crammed into the tiny waiting room, […]

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Golden Leaf Buys Chalice Farms In Oregon Industry Shakeup

Golden Leaf Holdings, a publicly traded Oregon-based cannabis conglomerate, has just announced that it will be buying Chalice Farms. In an industry where information is often guarded close to the chest, it’s hard to say for sure, but the merged venture will surely be one of Oregon’s largest integrated cannabis companies, if not the biggest. Golden Leaf Holdings is the parent company behind GoldenXTRX, a popular Oregon-based cartridge, vape pen, and dabble company. They also own Left Coast Connection, a dispensary located out deep on Portland’s NE Glisan, and Proper, a butane and propane extraction company. Chalice Farms is a […]

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Canna Bowl Photo Recap

This past Tuesday Fore Twenty Sports brought Canna Bowl to Portland.  Canna Bowl, the first annual cannabis bowling tournament, saw 12 dispensaries compete against each other to win $1,000.  Rip City Remedies beat out Deanz Greenz to become Canna Bowls 1st King Pin. Teams Included: Cannabliss Bridge City Collective Glisan Buds Foster Buds Kind Heart Collective Baker Deanz Greenz Rip City Remedies Archive Truly Pure Maritime Cafe Bee Hive Extracts / Novik   We were on hand to photograph the day on the lanes and help with all of the giveaways.  A special thanks to The Nuggy, True Terpenes, Dopestrap, […]

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We Tried Fast Acting THC Sweetener: Wow!

Some of us here at the Daily Leaf team are suspicious of edibles. Dosing can be difficult to gauge precisely, and by the time you know whether you’ve eaten enough, it may well be too late to eat any more. So when the Daily Leaf head honchos put a jar of cannabis sugar on our desk, we were skeptical. We were even more skeptical after our first try: we gingerly stirred a teaspoons worth of the stuff into our coffee and didn’t feel much of an effect. We decided the product wasn’t worth writing about. And then, just as we […]

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most beautiful marijuana dispensaries

Leafy’s 10 Most Beautiful Marijuana Dispensaries Include Portland Shops

When our phone pinged with a notification from Leafly yesterday, we sighed with mild annoyance. We keep well abreast of marijuana news and it would probably make sense to turn the notifications off; they rarely bring something new to our attention. This time, however, we came across something we might not have caught otherwise: Leafly released their list of the top ten most beautiful marijuana dispensaries in America and unsurprisingly, Portland found its way onto the list. As you might expect, the list is dominated by San Francisco, Portland, and Denver. But when we clicked the link, there was only […]

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Cannabowl: America’s First Marijuana Bowling Tournament

Whether your style is spliffs and strikes or grams with gutterballs, you’ll fit in at Cannabowl, America’s first marijuana bowling tournament. After the stunning success of our Fore Twenty golf tournament, we’re back at it again to bring together industry insiders for a sporting tournament that’s better suited to winter temperatures. On February 7th, 2017, come down to Portland’s Grand Central Bowl to take part in this first of its kind, historic event. We’ll pit dispensary against dispensary, with the winning team bringing home a big, fat, one thousand dollar cash prize. Spaces are limited, so we encourage all of […]

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On Monday, We Tried CanPay. Today, a Collection Agency Called

A few days ago, we were excited to try out the CanPay marijuana debit payment solution. We registered our account with CanPay, drove to Vancouver, Washington, and gave it a go. We thought everything went well until, a few days later, we got a call from a collection agency informing us that they were unable to access funds from our account. CanPay fills a key market gap and has designed a clean and easy to use product; we hope it’s able to get past the kind of start-up teething issues that can plague early launches. When we were contacted by […]

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The Daily Leaf Cannabis Brands

The Daily Leaf Release Pages for Your Favorite Cannabis Brands

As an online platform that creates an easy and simple solution to finding daily deals for cannabis products; The Daily Leaf is devoted to helping consumers discover and stay up to date with local cannabis related deals, news, & events. Our website is also geared towards helping local dispensaries and cannabis brands with the release of their new products, events with promotion, and we are just getting started!     We are extremely excited and eager to announce the release of our Daily Leaf Brand Pages! Now you can learn more about your favorite local and up-and-coming cannabis brands, while staying in the loop with new product releases both […]

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