Primo Farms

Primo Farms – Pre-Roll Pack Review

Primo Farms In Rogue Valley, OR, Primo Farms is growing their brand along with some of the finest bud in the region. Their pre-roll pack, containing 3 1g joints, sets out to impress from the moment you lay eyes on it. These are some of the best pre-rolls I have come across, from the packaging that exudes an air of class and elegance, to the terrific high. After smoking a joint of one of their indica offerings, I was beyond baked. It smoked well, with no runners or canoeing, but I did have to relight it a couple of times. It was […]

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Chalice Farms – Peppermint Dark Chocolate Edibles

Chalice Farms Chocolates is the gift that keeps on giving. Infused with high-quality cannabis, each package contains nine sections, each at around 4mg THC. As I took my first bite, I remembered I’m not a big fan of peppermint. But the mint taste isn’t at all overwhelming, and the delicious dark chocolate and the hint of cannabis blended nicely to create a much more palatable edible than I anticipated. Time to have another couple of squares. While waiting for those wonderful edible effects to kick in, I decided to check out the history of Chalice Farm. What I found was more […]

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Oregon Genetics

$1 Million Cannabis Theft From Oregon Genetics

CORVALLIS, Ore.  — Over $1 million worth of marijuana and marijuana extract was stolen from Oregon Genetics during the night on Tuesday in Benton County. The founder and CEO of the Oregon Genetics, Caleb Mata says the weed bandits made off with around 10 pounds of hash oil which was ready to be sold in stores, along with $1,000 worth of cannabis flower. “Taking anything from someone is wrong, but $1 million — no matter which way you cut it is a lot of money to anyone,” the owner said. Mata told KOIN 6 News that the suspected thieves were captured on surveillance video […]

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potlandia bus tours

Potlandia Bus Tours

This weekend we got to be guests on one of Portland’s new rising attractions the Potlandia Bus Tours. If this is your first time hearing about this tours, you’ll want to get your calendar out and start scheduling a 420 adventure you won’t want to miss. Apart of Great Oregon Tours, this experience gets down to the heart of Portland through weed. Our guide Omar was a true treat on this tour taking us to places I, a Portland native, haven’t even been to, while being able to puff puff pass along the entire ride. This lovely purple bus with […]

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emerald daze

Emerald Daze – Breath of Relief

Discreet Relief with Emerald Daze Understanding that CBD enhances your quality life is only half the battle, the other half is finding a convenient (read: discreet) way to imbibe it at home or on the go. Emerald Daze takes the unique but familiar approach of using an inhaler and offers a product that you would be comfortable using at the dinner table, at a dinner party, seated next to your curmudgeonly boss. This MDI (metered dose inhaler) is built to provide an even and exact dose down to the last breath. The CBD is in a liquid suspension and powered […]

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Arcane Revelry’s Night Market

Private Event Shows Successful Social Use Though cannabis events aren’t free to open their doors to the public (Oregon is still struggling to define legal social consumption) private parties are filling the void. Last weekend’s dinner hosted by event planner Arcane Revelry, showed us the potential of like minded folks responsibly sharing cannabis and conversation. Talking directly with producers from Hive Medicated Honey and High Desert Pure enlightened me on the production of both honey and Co2 oil. Did you know there are indoor bee farms? Me neither. I was happy to hear that Hive raises their own free-roaming bees […]

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Wana Gummies are the Secret to Summer Fun

Watermelon. The fruit of Summer? It’s summer time and the weather is hot. The thing that comes to mind is picnics, beaches and eating ice cold watermelon on a hot day. I have to say, munching down on these Watermelon flavored Wana sour sativa gummies, is like summer in your palm. Unlike the gummy candies of our childhood that had your jaw working into a fervor, these soft chews are more akin to a pate de fruit. Best munched alongside something bubbly for a double dose of refreshment. 5 mg of THC in each dose, Wana gummies come in two […]

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Hands on with REL Vape’s Goliath

Heaviest Hitter Yet Most vapes on the market have a draw like pulling a milkshake through a stir stick. The Goliath, on the other hand, delivers a hard enough hit that even seasoned vets hit it wide-eyed. Catching me barely holding back a cough. Truly, the Goliath surprises. Holding down the button and drawing on the mouthpiece you can hear the magic, pop! the Goliath’s vapor chamber heats up in an instant and vaporizes the included oil into thick voluminous clouds. Looking to challenge this heavy hitter, we used it in place of a bowl. Strain-specific bong hits at the […]

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Truly Pure Cartridge

Truly Pure Rolls Out New Cartridge Design

An update offers up more of what we love. If it’s been a minute since you’ve picked up a Truly Pure cartridge, I highly suggest checking out their new cart design. On shelves now, Truly Pure took customer feedback and manufacturing advances and selected a better hitting cartridge and battery. The cartridge now has increased airflow, simple but improved mouthpiece, and more efficient heating element. Coupled with the higher performance battery, you get richer more satisfying hits. Delivering that true terpene flavor we have come to expect. No fiddling with buttons or temperature dials. The upgrade is noticeable on the […]

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Cliff Robinson Premiers Pre-Roll Company in Oregon with Pistil Point

Former basketball legend Cliff Robinson has just released his first product from his  sports cannabis brand Uncle Cliffy’s.  Uncle Cliffy’s signature Pre-Rolls will be available to dispensaries in Oregon starting June 8th. Uncle Cliffy will bring his star appeal to a potent and extremely cared for plant that Pistil Point cultivates.  This partnership brings awareness to cannabis from an athletic point of point, and one of the first products being released from a former or current athlete. “I played in the NBA for 18 seasons. During my career I dealt with many injuries, and the stresses that came with competing […]

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