California's New Cannabis Regulations

California’s New Cannabis Regulations

California’s New Cannabis Regulations for the cannabis industry was released last Thursday. The rulebook gives aspiring and established marijuana businesses their first look at 276 pages of regulations they must abide by beginning Jan. 1, when the state will start issuing licenses for the multibillion-dollar industry and allowing recreational pot sales to start for the first time. You can read the official documents here: Regulations for shops, distributors and testers (PDF) Regulations for cultivators (PDF) Regulations for manufacturers (PDF) The rushed timeline is the result of a series of conflicting laws passed over the last two years. In fall 2015, […]

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Nevada Marijuana Shortage

Tourists May Contribute To Another Nevada Marijuana Shortage

By now, you’ve heard of the Nevada Marijuana Shortage that endangered Nevada’s entrance as an adult-use state. Due to a guideline that stated that only alcohol wholesale distributors could transport cannabis in the state for the first 18 months of legality was strained by no distributors qualifying for the necessary licenses, the state enacted a state of emergency and enacted emergency legislation to keep the weed flowing–and businesses open. Though the emergency regulations were more of a patch job and the courts are still deliberating, weed supplies in Nevada might be threatened by something else: tourists. The sheer volume of demand […]

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Oregon Genetics

$1 Million Cannabis Theft From Oregon Genetics

CORVALLIS, Ore.  — Over $1 million worth of marijuana and marijuana extract was stolen from Oregon Genetics during the night on Tuesday in Benton County. The founder and CEO of the Oregon Genetics, Caleb Mata says the weed bandits made off with around 10 pounds of hash oil which was ready to be sold in stores, along with $1,000 worth of cannabis flower. “Taking anything from someone is wrong, but $1 million — no matter which way you cut it is a lot of money to anyone,” the owner said. Mata told KOIN 6 News that the suspected thieves were captured on surveillance video […]

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potlandia bus tours

Potlandia Bus Tours

This weekend we got to be guests on one of Portland’s new rising attractions the Potlandia Bus Tours. If this is your first time hearing about this tours, you’ll want to get your calendar out and start scheduling a 420 adventure you won’t want to miss. Apart of Great Oregon Tours, this experience gets down to the heart of Portland through weed. Our guide Omar was a true treat on this tour taking us to places I, a Portland native, haven’t even been to, while being able to puff puff pass along the entire ride. This lovely purple bus with […]

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Marijuana Colorado

Colorado Businesses Are Firing Employees Who Test Positive For Marijuana

Five years into legal cannabis in Colorado, a recent study conducted by the Mountain States Employers Council found that 70 percent of employers in Northern Colorado have some sort of drug testing policy, and almost all of them are still testing for pot. The study also showed that more than half of employers fire employees for a positive test for pot use, even if it’s the first offense. This means that even though the drug is legal both recreationally and medicinally in the state, employers are still firing employees for cannabis use, an issue that’s more complicated than it may seem to […]

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Maine Marijuana Dispensary Trades Weed For Trash Removal

Talk about thinking green. A medical marijuana dispensary in Gardiner, Maine, offered some encouragement for locals to clean up the town: the dispensary would hand out trash bags, and bags returned full by the end of July 22nd could be traded for a gram of cannabis. Dennis Meehan, the owner of Summit Medical Marijuana, offered residents who were 21 years of age or older free cannabis if they helped collect trash, and he’s hoping to expand the “day of service” program, as he called it, to the rest of the state. Part of the goal is to bring awareness to the […]

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Wine Versus Weed

Wine Versus Weed – The Battle For Oregon Is On!

Wine grape growers in Oregon are both fighting and embracing legal marijuana, giving clear signals that some are embracing the new times while others are rooted in their old ways. While some vineyards are fighting legal cannabis growing neighbors, others are starting to grow cannabis themselves alongside their vines. Earlier this year, a vintner and another property owner both filed a lawsuit in Yamhill County to prevent a neighbor from growing and processing cannabis on their land, arguing that the smell could affect their grapes, in the same way that other strong smelling plants like eucalyptus could. Later, the vintner was […]

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Nevada Marijuana Dispensaries Receive Government Help To Fill Inventory

Following higher demand than expected and an absence of licensed cannabis distributors for the recreational market, Nevada declared a state of emergency in response to dangerously low supplies. Now, they’ve put emergency rules in an attempt to keep the recreational cannabis industry in the state afloat. How Nevada arrived at the brink of a marijuana industry disaster is complicated. Part of the agreement made when the state legalized cannabis was that liquor distributors would have sole rights to transport cannabis products to dispensaries for the first 18 months of legalization. No liquor distributors had successfully navigated the licensing process until just […]

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Nevada Recreational Marijuana State of Emergency

Nevada Has Declared A State Of Emergency Because They’re Almost Out Of Weed

Regulatory snags have resulted in a scramble as Nevada dispensaries become dangerously close to having no product to sell, just two weeks after legal recreational cannabis became available in the state. As a result, the Governor has declared a state of emergency in an attempt to quickly amend the issue and keep the budding industry afloat. How Nevada came to have dwindling stocks of legal cannabis revolves primarily around regulations and a lack of permits, so let’s break things down. Liquor distributors were promised that they would have sole rights for distributing cannabis to dispensaries in the first 18 months […]

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Washington State Marijuana

Washington State’s Marijuana Laws Have Changed, Here’s How:

As of June 23rd, Washington State marijuana laws have changed after SB 5131 was signed into law last month. These changes will effect people with marijuana production, processing, or retail licenses from the Washington State Liquor and Marijuana Board (LCB). Here are the highlights: Now, it will be mandatory to disclose all contracts for IP and consulting services to the LCB. For some time, it’s been clear that these sorts of contracts have been a loophole to secretly share profits: to get around financing and ownership restrictions, people were they were using IP licensing and consulting service agreements to get around […]

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