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Buying CBD Online?

Cannabidiol is a major component of marijuana, and is gaining popularity for its medicinal qualities nationwide.  But a study published on Tuesday reports that people trying to treat themselves with cannabidiol products that were purchased online may not be getting what they’re paying for.

The study is led by the University of Pennsylvania, which purchased 84 CBD products from 31 online companies and found that less than a third were properly labeled. About 43 percent of the products, including oils, tinctures, and vaporization liquid,  contained less cannabidiol than their labels advertised. The findings indicate that they weren’t potent enough to give their users the medicinal treatment they sought. About 26 percent of the products contained more than the labels stated. Not great odds.

It is impossible to get high from CBD, and there is no scientific evidence that the drugsis dangerous if taken in high doses.  But THC was also found in about 21 percent of the products in the study.  This is a huge problem, as the labeled THC content could cause impairment to patients not seeking a buzz, or in the worst case, children could become exposed to the psychoactive content.

CBD (cannabidiol) is still classified as a Schedule I drugs by the federal government, but 29 states now allow people to use marijuana for medicinal purposes, while another eight allow recreational use. Researchers blame the labeling issues on these discrepancies and the ensuing lack of regulation.

“As there is currently no systematic oversight of this industry from the FDA, it means that it is up to the consumer to test their products to assure that they know what is in their medicine,” Marcel Bonn-Miller, an adjunct assistant professor at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine who led the study, said.

Buying CBD Online is not the only problem which has arisen due to inconsistent regulation. THC content in some strains has been found to have a different percentage on the label from what was tested. The only way to make cannabis consumption safe and consistent across the board is to fully legalize on the federal level.

For now, however, the best way to ensure you get exactly what you pay for and need, is to buy CBD and other cannabis products at your local dispensary, not online.

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