Tetra Cannabis Dispensary Visit

Well designed shops coming to a neighborhood near you Tetra cannabis recently opened up on SE Belmont so we stopped in to chat with the budtenders and take a look at the shop. Beyond the custom metal and glass shelves, the wood interior and homey neighborhood feeling. The first thing we noticed was the design shop sharing an address with the dispensary. Then it started to seep in why this place had such well-designed menus and flower descriptions. For as much as we treasure cannabis for its aesthetics, some shops are still hanging black light posters. While others are taking […]

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Learn To Ice Carve with Iceovation

Learn to turn a block of ICE into a BONG! James at Iceovation is not only an artist in his own right, he’s the best Ice Carver in Oregon! Now, he might be the only ice carver in Oregon but that doesn’t mean he isn’t one talented sculptor. With a commercial freezer full of ice cowboys, ice menus, and ice cruise ships, there are not many places outside of a Vegas buffet that you could see the sort of mini ice museum that is James’ workshop. Sure you could visit Fairbanks Alaska. Where the ice is crystal clear and removed by crane, carved […]

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Dabbing THC-a Crystalline from Select

Supercharged Dabs and Extra Potent Joints Throw back to the days of prohibition where I was lustily admiring weed magazine centerfolds. Now that I can grab top-shelf cannabis up the block on my lunch break, there are still some things I never thought I’d see on shelves. This is the epitome of concentrates, hovering around 99% THC-a this crystalline product is about as pure as it gets. For those familiar with THC, that’s the cannabinoid in pot that gives us that familiar “stoned” feeling. Mellow, relaxed and free of anxiety. With other terpenes and cannabinoids, the effect can be everything […]

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Select Strains offers up Elite Line

I was pretty stoked to try Select’s new distillate cartridges. Their Elite line is a whole range of potent cannabis distillate, averaging well into the high end of 80% in THC content. This pen delivers a toke calibrated for a maximum enjoyment. Finally, a vapor pen that delivers potent vapor instead of burning out or battery dying before you get your dosage dialed in. Elite represents Select’s offering for their most discerning consumer. Those that want best in class airflow and expect their distillate to be clean and potent. Served up in both terpene infused flavors like Super Silver Haze […]

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emerald daze

Emerald Daze – Breath of Relief

Discreet Relief with Emerald Daze Understanding that CBD enhances your quality life is only half the battle, the other half is finding a convenient (read: discreet) way to imbibe it at home or on the go. Emerald Daze takes the unique but familiar approach of using an inhaler and offers a product that you would be comfortable using at the dinner table, at a dinner party, seated next to your curmudgeonly boss. This MDI (metered dose inhaler) is built to provide an even and exact dose down to the last breath. The CBD is in a liquid suspension and powered […]

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Select Strains Launches Social line

Let’s Get Social! Select Strains just launched their new line, Social. A low potency cannabis vape designed for any occasion. Instead of the skyrocketing potency of other products (and believe me, there’s a spot for those too) this one-time-use vape offers up a nice, mellow hit of THC. These easy to use, pre-charged, compact and ready to go pens are the easiest solution we’ve found for taking a couple of discreet puffs. Speaking of discreet, each draw produces a gentle amount of vapor. A visual indicator that you got a nice draw, not a lung busting coughing fit. Add that […]

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Arcane Revelry’s Night Market

Private Event Shows Successful Social Use Though cannabis events aren’t free to open their doors to the public (Oregon is still struggling to define legal social consumption) private parties are filling the void. Last weekend’s dinner hosted by event planner Arcane Revelry, showed us the potential of like minded folks responsibly sharing cannabis and conversation. Talking directly with producers from Hive Medicated Honey and High Desert Pure enlightened me on the production of both honey and Co2 oil. Did you know there are indoor bee farms? Me neither. I was happy to hear that Hive raises their own free-roaming bees […]

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Wana Gummies are the Secret to Summer Fun

Watermelon. The fruit of Summer? It’s summer time and the weather is hot. The thing that comes to mind is picnics, beaches and eating ice cold watermelon on a hot day. I have to say, munching down on these Watermelon flavored Wana sour sativa gummies, is like summer in your palm. Unlike the gummy candies of our childhood that had your jaw working into a fervor, these soft chews are more akin to a pate de fruit. Best munched alongside something bubbly for a double dose of refreshment. 5 mg of THC in each dose, Wana gummies come in two […]

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Hands on with REL Vape’s Goliath

Heaviest Hitter Yet Most vapes on the market have a draw like pulling a milkshake through a stir stick. The Goliath, on the other hand, delivers a hard enough hit that even seasoned vets hit it wide-eyed. Catching me barely holding back a cough. Truly, the Goliath surprises. Holding down the button and drawing on the mouthpiece you can hear the magic, pop! the Goliath’s vapor chamber heats up in an instant and vaporizes the included oil into thick voluminous clouds. Looking to challenge this heavy hitter, we used it in place of a bowl. Strain-specific bong hits at the […]

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Moto Perpetuo farms

Spotlight on Moto Perpetuo Farms

Farmers at Heart “Our Cannabis production is nestled amid an organic vegetable operation that has been supplying chefs and families in the Willamette Valley for almost 20 years” Hoyle says. Maybe you’ve heard of Moto Perpetuo farms because they provide veggies to some of the top restaurants in Portland. Maybe it’s because they run a CSA for over 200 families. Additionally recognized by Mommy blog, Lil’ Mamas as a farm with integrity. It seems people are catching on to the fact that farmers grow some of the best cannabis. There’s a good chance if you haven’t heard of Moto Perpetuo, […]

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