Nevada Marijuana Shortage

Tourists May Contribute To Another Nevada Marijuana Shortage

By now, you’ve heard of the Nevada Marijuana Shortage that endangered Nevada’s entrance as an adult-use state. Due to a guideline that stated that only alcohol wholesale distributors could transport cannabis in the state for the first 18 months of legality was strained by no distributors qualifying for the necessary licenses, the state enacted a state of emergency and enacted emergency legislation to keep the weed flowing–and businesses open. Though the emergency regulations were more of a patch job and the courts are still deliberating, weed supplies in Nevada might be threatened by something else: tourists. The sheer volume of demand […]

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Blumenauer Advocates For Medical Marijuana Research To Fight Opioid Crisis

Earl Blumenauer – “As we’re slowly acknowledging the depths of the opioid crisis, which is good, we seldom acknowledge one of the simplest, most effective solutions: medical marijuana.” Oregon’s Congressman Earl Blumenauer dropped this mic in testimony before a U.S. House Subcommittee on Health hearing on proposals for ending the opioid crisis. The testimonial was in support of a bill Blumenaur is sponsoring, the Medical Marijuana Research Act of 2017. He also distributed a pamphlet to the members of the subcommittee: “Physician Guide to Cannabis-Assisted Opioid Reduction,” which was prepared by Adrianne Wilson-Poe, Ph.D., of Washington University in St. Louis, School of Medicine. The […]

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Jeff Sessions cannabis

Former Attorney General Says Jeff Sessions Is ‘Obsessed’ With Cannabis

Former Attorney General Eric Holder, is just as confused as we are by current AG Jeff Sessions cannabis war and why he is obsessed. “I think the policy we had in place was a good one,” said Holder while speaking at John Jay College of Criminal Justice’s Smart on Crime Innovations Conference. “Let the states experiment with the notion that again we have these eight or nine federal factors and if you trigger one of these eight or nine factors the feds are going to be coming in.” He went on to call out Sessions’ “almost obsession” with cannabis alongside his claimed […]

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FDA Marijuana Health Benefits

FDA Might Go After Marijuana Products That Claim Health Benefits

Some interesting developments were had in a hearing before the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, where Scott Gottleib, President Trump’s pick to lead the FDA, answered questions about his stances and the direction the FDA would go in under his care. In that conversation, Gottleib assured lawmakers that his previous private sector connections would be severed if he took office, that the FDA would be focusing strongly on opioids… and that they were going to look into, and may crack down on, claims of health benefits by cannabis products. Gottleib, a former FDA staffer that left to work in the business […]

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Longmont Colorado Marijuana

Longmont, Colorado Is Lifting Their Ban On Marijuana Sales

Amid some controversy, Longmont, Colorado is lifting their longstanding ban on medical and recreational cannabis within city limits. The town council initially voted 5-2 for preliminary approval of the ordinance, which will allow up to four dispensaries to open within city limits. After a rigorous public hearing with serious dissent, the council voted a mere 4-3 to pass the ordinance, which comes before a vote on whether or not to tax marijuana sales in the city. More than a few seem to take issue with the new ordinance. “You are, in effect, allowing the Mexican cartels to set up shop in […]

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Legal Marijuana Prices Drop

Legal Marijuana Prices Continue To Drop

According to Cannabis Benchmarks’ 2017 Mid-Year Wholesale Market Report, wholesale prices for legal Marijuana per pound continue to drop in 2017. Prices dropped 18.6 percent nationwide in the first half of the year, and Colorado in particular is dragging down the numbers with a whopping 40 percent decrease in wholesale prices per pound from the first half of 2017 in comparison to the first half of last year. Despite that drop, analysts still categorize the stability of the market as “remarkable” considering last year’s price volatility and this year’s political uncertainty. In the first half of this year, for example, there has only […]

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World Anti-Doping Agency Approves CBD

World Anti-Doping Agency Approves CBD

The World Anti-Doping Agency recently published their 2018 list of prohibited substances and methods–and CBD is no longer included on the list. This is a major move forward; sports have generally disallowed all forms of cannabis including the infamous case of Michael Phelps and a picture of him using a bong resulting in suspension from competition and loss of sponsorship. These new guidelines wouldn’t have helped Phelps avoid that suspension, however: THC and whole-plant marijuana are still on the list of prohibited substances provided by WADA. Previous versions of the list of prohibited substances under the cannabinoids section included “Natural, e.g. cannabis, […]

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San Diego Marijuana Supply Chain

San Diego Marijuana Supply Chain First Of Its Kind

San Diego Marijuana Supply Chain – It’s no secret that many localities in California aren’t ready for recreational cannabis to legalize in the state at the beginning of next year, but some do have their wits about them. San Diego is ahead of the race as one of the very first to have a fully regulated and cultivation and manufacturing supply chain in place before legalization goes into effect. San Diego’s City Council legalized the San Diego Marijuana supply chain in a 6-3 vote, citing the many benefits of having it up and running in time for legalization to go […]

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Study: THCA May Help Treat Huntington’s Disease

The compound THCA, an acidic precursor to THC which is found in cannabis, could one day be used to treat the neurodegenerative and neuroinflammatory effects of Huntington’s and related diseases, according to scientists in a study published in the British Journal of Pharmacology. In the study, researchers found that THCA reduced inflammation and acted as a neuroprotectant when they analyzed the effects of cannabis compounds in animals. They concluded that the compound improved motor function and prevented brain degeneration. “I think we have something here and it’s pretty exciting,” said Gaetano Morello, a co-author of the study and a cannabis researcher and naturopathic […]

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Alaska's Marijuana Ban

Alaska’s Marijuana Ban Gets Rejected By Voters

Alaska’s Marijuana Ban – Three years after Alaska legalized recreational cannabis, some localities in the state’s major marijuana growing areas considered Alaska’s Marijuana Ban. Thankfully for the businesses (and customers) in those areas, voters voted against those band by large margins. When Alaska legalized adult use of recreational cannabis in 2014, they allowed for localities to ban cannabis within their borders, and two localities, in and around Fairbanks and on the Kenai Peninsula, tried to do just that. The proposed bans encompassed marijuana growing, manufacturing, selling, and testing in those areas, and threatened many people’s livelihood: had the bans passed, businesses that […]

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